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116-Sep-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessChromium removal in the presence of NOM during Fe(II) reductive precipitation for drinking water treatmentLanger, Margarethe ; Jamal, Mohammad Umair ; Conklin, Amanda ; Ernst, Mathias  
27-Jul-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessPhysicochemical investigation of rainfall for managed aquifer recharge in Punjab (Pakistan)Zakir-Hassan, Ghulam ; Punthakey, Jehangir F. ; Shabir, Ghulam ; Yasmeen, Fozia ; Sultan, Muhammad ; Ashraf, Hadeed ; Ihsanullah, Sohoo  ; Majeed, Faizan 
321-Apr-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessSome well-known alginate and chitosan modifications used in adsorption : a reviewBenettayeb, Asmaa ; Ghosh, Soumya ; Usman, Muhammad  ; Seihoub, Fatima Zohra ; Ihsanullah, Sohoo  ; Chia, Chin Hua ; Sillanpää, Mika 
44-Mar-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessMulti-band bathymetry mapping with spiking neuron anomaly detectionLawen, Johannes ; Lawen, K. ; Salman, G. ; Schuster, Assaf 
5Dec-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessA new model ice for Wave-Ice interactionvon Bock und Polach, Rüdiger Ulrich Franz  ; Klein, Marco  ; Hartmann, Moritz Cornelius Nikolaus  
62-Jun-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessNote on the application of transient wave packets for wave-ice interaction experimentsKlein, Marco  ; Hartmann, Moritz  ; von Bock und Polach, Franz  
719-Mar-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessTidal oscillation and resonance in semi-closed estuaries : empirical analyses from the Elbe estuary, North SeaHein, Sebastian S. V. ; Sohrt, Vanessa  ; Nehlsen, Edgar  ; Strotmann, Thomas ; Fröhle, Peter 
82-Feb-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessModel based assessment of the reflection behavior of tidal waves at bathymetric changes in estuariesSohrt, Vanessa  ; Hein, Sebastian S. V. ; Nehlsen, Edgar  ; Strotmann, Thomas ; Fröhle, Peter 
92-Jan-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessFuture changes in wave conditions at the German Baltic Sea coast based on a hybrid approach using an ensemble of regional climate change projectionsDreier, Norman ; Nehlsen, Edgar  ; Fröhle, Peter ; Rechid, Diana ; Bouwer, Laurens M. ; Pfeifer, Susanne 
1018-Dec-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessModelling of flood inundation due to levee breaches : sensitivity of flood inundation against breach process parametersBirhanu Tadesse, Yohannis ; Fröhle, Peter 
1116-Oct-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessEnergy Efficient Rapid Removal of Arsenic in an Electrocoagulation Reactor with Hybrid Fe/Al Electrodes: Process Optimization Using CCD and Kinetic ModelingKhan, Saif Ullah ; Farooqi, Izharul Haq ; Usman, Muhammad  ; Basheer, Farrukh 
1218-May-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessCorrection: Usman, M., et al. Performance evaluation of small sized powdered ferric hydroxide as arsenic adsorbent. Water 2018, 10, 957Usman, Muhammad  ; Katsoyiannis, Ioannis A. ; Mitrakas, Manassis ; Zouboulis, Anastasios I. ; Ernst, Mathias  
1322-Sep-2018Fulltext availableOpen AccessIncreasing energy efficiency in water collection systems by submersible PMSM well pumpsBeck, Marcus ; Sperlich, Alexander ; Blank, Ricardo ; Meyer, Eckehard ; Binz, Ralf ; Ernst, Mathias  
1415-Sep-2018Fulltext availableOpen AccessEnergy efficient operation of variable speed submersible pumps : simulation of a ground water well fieldSperlich, Alexander ; Pfeiffer, Dino ; Burgschweiger, Jens ; Campbell, Enrique ; Beck, Marcus ; Gnirß, Regina ; Ernst, Mathias  
1520-Jul-2018Fulltext availableOpen AccessPerformance evaluation of small sized powdered ferric hydroxide as arsenic adsorbentUsman, Muhammad  ; Katsoyiannis, Ioannis A. ; Mitrakas, Manassis ; Zouboulis, Anastasios I. ; Ernst, Mathias  
163-Aug-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessImpact of powdered activated carbon structural properties on removal of organic foulants in combined adsorption-ultrafiltrationSchulz, Martin ; Bünting, Sönke ; Ernst, Mathias  
171-Jun-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessEffect of organic matter on Cr(VI) removal from groundwaters by Fe(II) reductive precipitation for groundwater treatmentGröhlich, Anna ; Langer, Margarethe ; Mitrakas, Manassis ; Zouboulis, Anastasios I. ; Katsoyiannis, Ioannis A. ; Ernst, Mathias  
1823-Apr-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessUnderstanding and control of biopolymer fouling in ultrafiltration of different water typesZheng, Xing ; Zietzschmann, Frederik ; Plume, Stephan ; Paar, Hendrik ; Ernst, Mathias  ; Jekel, Martin ; Wang, Zi 
1925-Jan-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessIntegrating local scale drainage measures in meso scale catchment modellingHellmers, Sandra  ; Fröhle, Peter