Proceedings of the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL)

Proceedings of the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL)
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11-Dec-202131Fulltext availableOpen AccessAnalysis of the Suez Canal blockage with queueing theoryGast, Johannes ; Binsfeld, Tom ; Marsili, Francesca ; Jahn, Carlos  
21-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessGantry crane scheduling and storage techniques in rail-road terminalsKaidabettu, Chiraag Dinesh ; Lange, Ann-Kathrin  ; Jahn, Carlos  
31-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessLiterature review of installation logistics for floating offshore wind turbinesWeigell, Jürgen  ; Jahn, Carlos  
41-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessDigital logistics as a perspective for the Northern Sea routeIlin, Igor ; Maydanova, Svetlana ; Jahn, Carlos  ; Weigell, Jürgen  ; Kersten, Wolfgang  
51-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessAssessing performance of container slot allocation heuristicsKastner, Marvin  ; Peters, Malte ; Jahn, Carlos  
61-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessEvaluation of an integrated planning and simulation toolKrüger, Stephan ; Schwientek, Anne Kathrina  ; Jahn, Carlos  
723-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessStowage Planning for Inland Container Vessels: a Literature ReviewFranzkeit, Janna  ; Schwientek, Anne Kathrina  ; Jahn, Carlos  
823-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessImpact of Port Layouts on Inter-Terminal-Transportation NetworksNellen, Nicole  ; Poeting, Moritz ; Bschorer, Kristina ; Jahn, Carlos  ; Clausen, Uwe 
923-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessModelling the IT and Business Process Landscapes at Inland Intermodal TerminalsGrafelmann, Michaela  ; Zlotos, Constantin ; Lange, Ann-Kathrin  ; Jahn, Carlos  
1023-Sep-202029Fulltext availableOpen AccessA first step towards automated image-based container inspectionsKlöver, Steffen ; Kretschmann, Lutz ; Jahn, Carlos  
1123-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessState of research in arctic maritime logisticsIlin, Igor Vasilevich ; Kersten, Wolfgang  ; Jahn, Carlos  ; Weigell, Jürgen  ; Levina, Anastasia Ivanovna ; Kalyazina, Sofia E. 
1223-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessSustainability in arctic maritime supply chainsWeigell, Jürgen  ; Ilin, Igor Vasilevich ; Maydanova, Svetlana ; Dubgorn, Alissa S. ; Jahn, Carlos  ; Kersten, Wolfgang  
13Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessTactical planning in tramp shipping – a literature reviewPache, Hannah  ; Grafelmann, Michaela  ; Schwientek, Anne Kathrina  ; Jahn, Carlos  
14Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessDefining the quota of truck appointment systemsLange, Ann-Kathrin  ; Kreuz, Felix ; Langkau, Sven ; Jahn, Carlos  ; Clausen, Uwe 
15Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessEquipment selection and layout planning – literature overview and research directionsKastner, Marvin  ; Kämmerling, Nicolas ; Jahn, Carlos  ; Clausen, Uwe 
1626-Sep-201928Fulltext availableOpen AccessBusiness analytics on ais data: potentials, limitations and perspectivesScheidweiler, Tina ; Jahn, Carlos  
1726-Sep-201928Fulltext availableOpen AccessCurrent state and trends in tramp ship routing and schedulingPache, Hannah  ; Kastner, Marvin  ; Jahn, Carlos  
1826-Sep-201928Fulltext availableOpen AccessModelling of spare parts storage strategies for offshore windJäger-Roschko, Moritz ; Weigell, Jürgen  ; Jahn, Carlos  
1926-Sep-201928Fulltext availableOpen AccessSimulation-based optimization at container terminals: a literature reviewKastner, Marvin  ; Pache, Hannah  ; Jahn, Carlos  
2026-Sep-201928Fulltext availableOpen AccessPotential of non-port slot booking systems for TASLange, Ann-Kathrin  ; Krüger, Stephan ; Schwientek, Anne Kathrina  ; Jahn, Carlos