Proceedings of the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL)

Proceedings of the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL)
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Subject:  Sustainability

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11-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessAssessing the impact of B2C e-commerce in the apparel industry: a logistics perspectiveSiragusa, Chiara ; Seghezzi, Arianna ; Tumino, Angela ; Mangiaracina, Riccardo 
21-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessSustainability: The Italian case of eco-sustainable contractDi-Mauro, Ettore-William 
31-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessEcological sustainable physical distributionMrutzek, Bastian ; Kotzab, Herbert ; Milosch, André 
41-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessSupply chain management in the course of time – A systematisation of past, present and future objectivesNitsche, Anna-Maria ; Kusturica, Wibke ; Neumann, Denis ; Schumann, Christian-Andreas ; Laroque, Christoph 
51-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessAdapting to the future : maritime and city logistics in the context of digitalization and sustainability
61-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessLiterature review of installation logistics for floating offshore wind turbinesWeigell, Jürgen  ; Jahn, Carlos  
723-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessStowage Planning for Inland Container Vessels: a Literature ReviewFranzkeit, Janna  ; Schwientek, Anne Kathrina  ; Jahn, Carlos  
823-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessThe impact of an asymmetric allocation of power on the digitalization strategy of port logisticsBrinker, Janosch ; Haasis, Hans–Dietrich 
923-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessImpact of Port Layouts on Inter-Terminal-Transportation NetworksNellen, Nicole  ; Poeting, Moritz ; Bschorer, Kristina ; Jahn, Carlos  ; Clausen, Uwe 
1023-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessDevelopment of sustainability performance measurement framework for measuring complex sustainability impacts in the manufacturing industryJanmontree, Jettarat ; Zadek, Hartmut 
1123-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessModelling the IT and Business Process Landscapes at Inland Intermodal TerminalsGrafelmann, Michaela  ; Zlotos, Constantin ; Lange, Ann-Kathrin  ; Jahn, Carlos  
1223-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessNorthern Sea Route e-platforms : tools for competitive developmentIlin, IIgor ; Maydanova, Svetlana ; Levina, Anastasia ; Lepekhin, Aleksander 
1323-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessCommercial electric vehicle routing in urban logistics : a systematic literature reviewFrederhausen, Sebastian ; Klumpp, Matthias 
1423-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessArtificial intelligence and operations research in maritime logisticsDornemann, Jorin  ; Rückert, Nicolas  ; Fischer, Kathrin  ; Taraz, Anusch 
1523-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessState of research in arctic maritime logisticsIlin, Igor Vasilevich ; Kersten, Wolfgang  ; Jahn, Carlos  ; Weigell, Jürgen  ; Levina, Anastasia Ivanovna ; Kalyazina, Sofia E. 
1623-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessSustainability in arctic maritime supply chainsWeigell, Jürgen  ; Ilin, Igor Vasilevich ; Maydanova, Svetlana ; Dubgorn, Alissa S. ; Jahn, Carlos  ; Kersten, Wolfgang  
1723-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessData science in maritime and city logistics : data-driven solutions for logistics and sustainability
18Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessTactical planning in tramp shipping – a literature reviewPache, Hannah  ; Grafelmann, Michaela  ; Schwientek, Anne Kathrina  ; Jahn, Carlos  
19Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessDefining the quota of truck appointment systemsLange, Ann-Kathrin  ; Kreuz, Felix ; Langkau, Sven ; Jahn, Carlos  ; Clausen, Uwe 
20Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessEnergy-efficient supply chain design: data aggregation and processingSchreiber, Lucas ; Jarmer, Jan-Philipp ; Kamphues, Josef