Proceedings of the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL)

Proceedings of the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL)
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Issue DateVolume numberTitleAuthor(s)
10123-Sep-202029Fulltext availableOpen AccessA holistic digitalization KPI framework for the aerospace industryKrol, Felix  ; Saeed, Muhammad Amad ; Kersten, Wolfgang  
10223-Sep-202029Fulltext availableOpen AccessProduct modularization in Integrated supply chains: a product life-cycle phase specific concept for effect allocationBrylowski, Martin ; Ludwig, Maximilian ; Kersten, Wolfgang  ; Schultze, Wolfgang 
10323-Sep-202029Fulltext availableOpen AccessSuccess factors for online food retail logisticsBeckmann, Anne ; Kleineidam, Julia ; Straube, Frank 
10423-Sep-202029Fulltext availableOpen AccessApplication of agile methods in traditional logistics companies and logistics start-ups : first results from a German Delphi StudyZielske, Malena ; Held, Tobias 
10523-Sep-202029Fulltext availableOpen AccessEnhancing B2B supply chain traceability using smart contracts and IoTAhmed, Mohamed ; Taconet, Chantal ; Ould, Mohamed ; Chabridon, Sophie ; Bouzeghoub, Amel 
10623-Sep-202029Fulltext availableOpen AccessBlockchain technology in Germany: an excerpt of real use cases in logistics industryBartsch, Devis ; Winkler, Herwig 
10723-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessImpact of Port Layouts on Inter-Terminal-Transportation NetworksNellen, Nicole  ; Poeting, Moritz ; Bschorer, Kristina ; Jahn, Carlos  ; Clausen, Uwe 
10823-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessDevelopment of sustainability performance measurement framework for measuring complex sustainability impacts in the manufacturing industryJanmontree, Jettarat ; Zadek, Hartmut 
10923-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessModelling the IT and Business Process Landscapes at Inland Intermodal TerminalsGrafelmann, Michaela  ; Zlotos, Constantin ; Lange, Ann-Kathrin  ; Jahn, Carlos  
11023-Sep-202029Fulltext availableOpen AccessMastering the supply chain by a concept of a ditigal control-twinHerlyn, Wilmjakob ; Zadek, Hartmut 
11123-Sep-202029Fulltext availableOpen AccessBlockchain technology – integration in supply chain processesGürpinar, Tan ; Harre, Sophie ; Henke, Michael ; Saleh, Farah 
11223-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessNorthern Sea Route e-platforms : tools for competitive developmentIlin, IIgor ; Maydanova, Svetlana ; Levina, Anastasia ; Lepekhin, Aleksander 
11323-Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessCommercial electric vehicle routing in urban logistics : a systematic literature reviewFrederhausen, Sebastian ; Klumpp, Matthias 
11423-Sep-202029Fulltext availableOpen AccessA procedural model for exoskeleton implementation in intralogisticsFeldmann, Carsten ; Kaupe, Victor ; Lucas, Martin 
11523-Sep-202029Fulltext availableOpen AccessHow disruptive start-ups change the World of Warehouse LogisticsFeldt, Julia ; Kontny, Henning ; Niemietz, Frank 
11623-Sep-202029Fulltext availableOpen AccessImpact of notification time on risk mitigation in inland waterway transportGast, Johannes ; Wehrle, Rebecca ; Wiens, Marcus ; Schultmann, Frank 
11723-Sep-202029Fulltext availableOpen AccessSelecting the right platform – the perspective of logistics service providersHaas, Jonas ; Seiter, Mischa 
11823-Sep-202029Fulltext availableOpen AccessSimulating the impact of digitalization on retail logistics efficiencyLoske, Dominik ; Klumpp, Matthias 
11923-Sep-202029Fulltext availableOpen AccessImproving risk assessment for interdependent urban critical infrastructuresKönig, Sandra 
12023-Sep-202029Fulltext availableOpen AccessProduct lifecycle optimization by application of process miningMeßner, Marco ; Dirnberger, Johannes