Proceedings of the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL)

Proceedings of the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL)
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Issue DateVolume numberTitleAuthor(s)
141Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessCybersecurity in ports : a conceptual approachAhokas, Jenna ; Kiiski, Tuomas ; Malmsten, Jarmo ; Ojala, Lauri 
142Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessSmart supply chain risk management - A conceptual frameworkSchlüter, Florian ; Henke, Michael 
143Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessLead-time optimization potential of digitization in air cargoBierwirth, Benjamin ; Schocke, Kai-Oliver 
144Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessInvestigating the factors influencing the acceptance of fully autonomous carsBenleulmi, Ahmed Ziad ; Blecker, Thorsten 
145Oct-201724Fulltext availableOpen AccessLiterature classification on dispatching of container terminal vehiclesSchwientek, Anne  ; Lange, Ann-Kathrin  ; Jahn, Carlos 
146Oct-201724Fulltext availableOpen AccessTopical map for continuing education: AHP expert surveyNeukirchen, Thomas ; Klumpp, Matthias 
147Oct-201724Fulltext availableOpen AccessLiterature review of drivers of sustainable supply chain managementSaeed, Muhammad Amad ; Waseek, Ishfaque ; Kersten, Wolfgang  
8Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessAn adaptive supply chain cyber risk management methodologySchauer, Stefan ; Stamer, Martin ; Bosse, Claudia ; Pavlidis, Michalis ; Mouratidis, Haralambos ; König, Sandra ; Papastergiou, Spyros 
9Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessInfluence of patterns and data-analytics on production logisticsKormann, Benjamin ; Altendorfer-Kaiser, Susanne 
10Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessCooperation strategies among SMEs for implementing industry 4.0Müller, Julian ; Maier, Lukas ; Veile, Johannes ; Voigt, Kai-Ingo 
11Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessSimulation-framework for illicit-goods detection in large volume freightKretschmann, Lutz ; Münsterberg, Torsten 
12Oct-201724Fulltext availableOpen AccessLife cycle assessment for frozen food distribution schemesTrapp, Markus ; Lütjen, Michael ; Castellanos, Juan Daniel Arango ; Jelsch, Oliver ; Freitag, Michael 
13Oct-201723Fulltext availableOpen AccessDigitalization in supply chain management and logistics
14Oct-201724Fulltext availableOpen AccessDigitalization in maritime and sustainable logistics: city logistics, port logistics and sustainable supply chain management in the digital age
15Oct-201724Fulltext availableOpen AccessImproving sustainability through digitalisation in reverse logisticsCullinane, Sharon ; Browne, Michael ; Karlsson, Elisabeth ; Wang, Yingli 
16Oct-201724Fulltext availableOpen AccessUtility evaluation of battery electric vehicles in urban distributionSchöder, Dustin 
17Aug-201521Fulltext availableOpen AccessSustainability in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
18Aug-201520Fulltext availableOpen AccessInnovations and strategies for logistics and supply chains
19Aug-201522Fulltext availableOpen AccessOperational excellence in logistics and supply chains
20201418Fulltext availableOpen AccessNext generation supply chains : trends and opportunities