Proceedings of the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL)

Proceedings of the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL)
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21Sep-202233Fulltext availableOpen AccessOperation control center for automated vehicles : conceptual designBiletska, Olga ; Kurtz, Gianna Lina ; Zadek, Hartmut 
22Sep-202233Fulltext availableOpen AccessAnalysis of potential benefit and maturity level of digital procurementStradner, Sascha ; Brunner, Uwe 
23Sep-202233Fulltext availableOpen AccessAssessing offshore wind farm collision risks using AIS data : an overviewWeigell, Jürgen  ; Jahn, Carlos  
24Sep-202233Fulltext availableOpen AccessMining port operation information from AIS dataSteenari, Jussi ; Lwakatare, Lucy Ellen ; Nurminen, Jukka K. ; Talonen, Jaakko ; Manderbacka, Teemu 
25Sep-202233Fulltext availableOpen AccessTruck appointment systems : how can they be improved and what are their limits?Lange, Ann-Kathrin  ; Nellen, Nicole  ; Jahn, Carlos  
26Sep-202233Fulltext availableOpen AccessSustainability in urban logistics : a literature reviewGarola, Giovanni ; Seghezzi, Arianna ; Siragusa, Chiara ; Mangiaracina, Riccardo 
27Sep-202233Fulltext availableOpen AccessPotentials of direct container transshipment at container terminalsNellen, Nicole  ; Lange, Ann-Kathrin  ; Jahn, Carlos  
28Sep-202233Fulltext availableOpen AccessMarine communication for shipping : using ad-hoc networks at seaMishra, Neermegha ; Kastner, Marvin  ; Jahn, Carlos  
29Sep-202233Fulltext availableOpen AccessPrevailing technologies and adoption obstacles in maritime logisticsWohlleber, Annika ; Münch, Christopher ; Hartmann, Evi 
30Sep-202233Fulltext availableOpen AccessPotential of container terminal operations for RoRo terminalsKrüger, Stephan ; Schulze, Marius ; Jahn, Carlos  
31Sep-202233Fulltext availableOpen AccessChanging tides : the new role of resilience and sustainability in logistics and supply chain management : innovative approaches for the shift to a new era
321-Dec-202131Fulltext availableOpen AccessOrganizational flexibility of airlines during COVID-19: A study on the airline companies in TurkeyDemir, Sercan ; Aktas, Ersin ; Paksoy, Turan 
331-Dec-202131Fulltext availableOpen AccessHow blockchain interrelates with trust in the supply chain context : insights from tracing sustainability in the metal industryBatwa, Abbas ; Norrman, Andreas ; Arvidsson, Ala 
341-Dec-202131Fulltext availableOpen AccessImpacts of the COVID-19 crisis on inland navigationBorca, Bianca ; Putz, Lisa-Maria 
351-Dec-202131Fulltext availableOpen AccessApplication of social media data in supply chain management : a systematic reviewChen, Xi ; Wong, T. C. 
361-Dec-202131Fulltext availableOpen AccessAI-based recognition of dangerous goods labels and metric package featuresBrylka, Robert ; Bierwirth, Benjamin ; Schwanecke, Ulrich 
371-Dec-202131Fulltext availableOpen AccessLogistics innovation and integration : impact on supply chain adaptabilityAbdalla, Sara Siddig Ali 
381-Dec-202131Fulltext availableOpen AccessManaging contract manufacturing relationships : an explorative research frameworkBrandl, Tim 
391-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessAssessing the impact of B2C e-commerce in the apparel industry: a logistics perspectiveSiragusa, Chiara ; Seghezzi, Arianna ; Tumino, Angela ; Mangiaracina, Riccardo 
401-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessRobotic process automation in logistics: Implementation model and factors of successKrakau, Jan ; Feldmann, Carsten ; Kaupe, Victor