Proceedings of the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL)

Proceedings of the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL)
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Issue DateVolume numberTitleAuthor(s)
41Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessTactical planning in tramp shipping – a literature reviewPache, Hannah  ; Grafelmann, Michaela  ; Schwientek, Anne Kathrina  ; Jahn, Carlos 
42Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessDefining the quota of truck appointment systemsLange, Ann-Kathrin  ; Kreuz, Felix ; Langkau, Sven ; Jahn, Carlos ; Clausen, Uwe 
43Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessEnergy-efficient supply chain design: data aggregation and processingSchreiber, Lucas ; Jarmer, Jan-Philipp ; Kamphues, Josef 
44Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessFinancing investments in a landlord portSomorowsky, Carolyn ; Haasis, Hans–Dietrich 
45Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessEnvironmental sustainability in B2C e-commerce: the impact of multiitem shoppingSiragusa, Chiara ; Mangiaracina, Riccardo ; Tumino, Angela 
46Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessEquipment selection and layout planning – literature overview and research directionsKastner, Marvin  ; Kämmerling, Nicolas ; Jahn, Carlos ; Clausen, Uwe 
47Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessPublic sustainable transportation planning with service level efficiency: Hamburg case studySodachi, Majid ; Sahraei, Pardis ; Valilai, Omid Fatahi 
48Sep-202030Fulltext availableOpen AccessModel transformation framework for scheduling offshore logisticsRippel, Daniel ; Peng, Shengrui ; Lütjen, Michael ; Sczcerbicka, Helena ; Freitag, Michael 
4926-Sep-201928Fulltext availableOpen AccessDigital transformation in maritime and city logistics : smart solutions for logistics
5026-Sep-201927Fulltext availableOpen AccessMachine learning in demand planning : cross-industry overviewMoroff, Nikolas Ulrich ; Sardesai, Saskia 
5126-Sep-201928Fulltext availableOpen AccessBusiness analytics on ais data: potentials, limitations and perspectivesScheidweiler, Tina ; Jahn, Carlos 
5226-Sep-201928Fulltext availableOpen AccessCyber-attack impact estimation for a portKönig, Sandra ; Rass, Stefan ; Schauer, Stefan 
5326-Sep-201928Fulltext availableOpen AccessCurrent state and trends in tramp ship routing and schedulingPache, Hannah  ; Kastner, Marvin  ; Jahn, Carlos 
5426-Sep-201927Fulltext availableOpen AccessSmart risk analytics design for proactive early warningDiedrich, Katharina ; Klingebiel, Katja 
5526-Sep-201928Fulltext availableOpen AccessOptimization and simulation for sustainable supply chain designSchreiber, Lucas 
5626-Sep-201927Fulltext availableOpen AccessSharing information across company borders in industry 4.0Voigt, Kai-Ingo ; Müller, Julian ; Veile, Johannes ; Schmidt, Marie-Christin 
5726-Sep-201927Fulltext availableOpen AccessRobot-human-learning for robotic picking processesRieder, Mathias ; Verbeet, Richard 
5826-Sep-201927Fulltext availableOpen AccessAlgorithm for situation-dependent adaptation of velocity for shuttle based systemsKriehn, Thomas ; Schloz, Franziska ; Schulz, Robert ; Fittinghoff, Markus 
5926-Sep-201927Fulltext availableOpen AccessSmartAirCargoTrailer : autonomous short distance transports in air cargoBierwirth, Benjamin ; Schwanecke, Ulrich ; Gietzen, Thomas ; Lopéz, Daniel Andrés ; Brylka, Robert 
6026-Sep-201927Fulltext availableOpen AccessImpact and beneficiaries of blockchain in logisticsTwenhöven, Thomas ; Petersen, Moritz