Proceedings of the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL)

Proceedings of the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL)
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Issue DateVolume numberTitleAuthor(s)
411-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessAccepting a crowdsourced delivery - a choice-based conjoint analysisBathke, Henrik ; Hartmann, Evi 
421-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessEfficiency measurement of grocery retail warehouses with DEAGafner, Andreas ; Loske, Dominic ; Klumpp, Matthias 
431-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessEnabling decentralized transshipment in waterborne container transportationAlias, Cyril ; Broß, Helmut ; zum Felde, Jonas ; Gründer, Dieter 
441-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessSustainability: The Italian case of eco-sustainable contractDi-Mauro, Ettore-William 
451-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessBarriers to the implementation of 4PL in developing countriesAhtamad, Mujthaba ; Akhsanov, Medet 
461-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessEcological sustainable physical distributionMrutzek, Bastian ; Kotzab, Herbert ; Milosch, André 
471-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessSustainable public transportation using markov chains: case study Hamburg public transportationSodachi, Majid ; Valilai, Omid Fatahi 
81-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessSupply chain management in the course of time – A systematisation of past, present and future objectivesNitsche, Anna-Maria ; Kusturica, Wibke ; Neumann, Denis ; Schumann, Christian-Andreas ; Laroque, Christoph 
91-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessInvestigating the return cost for B2C e-commerceSeghezzi, Arianna ; Siragusa, Chiara ; Tumino, Angela ; Mangiaracina, Riccardo 
101-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessNew opportunities for smart urban logistics - results of a field studySeeck, Stephan ; Engelhardt, Maximilian 
111-Dec-202131Fulltext availableOpen AccessParametric selection of hybrid parts for additive manufacturingSchöppe, Michael ; Fuehrer, Kaj 
121-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessFuzzy-based decision analysis on Arctic transportation: A guidance for freight shipping companiesBenz, Lukas ; Münch, Christopher ; Hartmann, Evi 
131-Dec-202131Fulltext availableOpen AccessApproach for application-specific selection of risk assessment methodsNikelowski, Lukas ; Voss, Rika 
141-Dec-202132Fulltext availableOpen AccessUrban fulfillment centers – perceptions and expectations from retailersKellermayr-Scheucher, Marike ; Niedermeier, Maria ; Brandtner, Patrick ; Schauer, Oliver 
151-Dec-202131Fulltext availableOpen AccessDesigning the data supply chain of a smart construction factoryZander, Bennet ; Lange, Kerstin ; Haasis, Hans–Dietrich 
161-Dec-202131Fulltext availableOpen AccessCold chain logistics : the case of Turkish Airlines vaccine distributionDemir, Sercan ; Aktas, Ersin ; Paksoy, Turan 
171-Dec-202131Fulltext availableOpen AccessLogistics platform strategies for freight technology-enabled smart servicesHeinbach, Christoph ; Schwemmer, Martin ; Thomas, Oliver 
181-Dec-202131Fulltext availableOpen AccessFeasibility study on augmented supplier auditObmann, Gottfried ; Stradner, Sascha 
191-Dec-202131Fulltext availableOpen AccessSimultaneous treatment of risk and resilienceKönig, Sandra 
201-Dec-202131Fulltext availableOpen AccessApplication of Industry 4.0 in the automotive sectorSonntag, Martin ; Mehmann, Jens ; Teuteberg, Frank