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Physical review letters
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Phys. Rev. Lett., Phys. Rev. Lett. (USA), PHYS. REV. LETT. (NEW-YORK)
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American Physical Society (APS)

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124-Jun-2022Acoustically Induced Giant Synthetic Hall Voltages in GrapheneZhao, Pai ; Sharma, Chithra H. ; Liang, Renrong ; Glasenapp, Christian ; Mourokh, Lev ; Kovalev, Vadim M. ; Huber, Patrick  ; Prada, Marta ; Tiemann, Lars ; Blick, Robert H. 
224-Feb-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessElucidating curvature-capacitance relationships in carbon-based supercapacitorsSeebeck, Jannes ; Merlet, Céline ; Meißner, Robert H.  
317-Sep-2021Training variational quantum algorithms Is NP-hardBittel, Lennart ; Kliesch, Martin 
41-Dec-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessPrecursor film spreading during liquid imbibition in nanoporous photonic crystalsCencha, Luisa G. ; Dittrich, Guido ; Huber, Patrick  ; Berli, Claudio L. A. ; Urteaga, Raul 
530-May-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessShear-induced anisotropy in rough elastomer contactSahli, R. ; Pallares, G. ; Papangelo, A. ; Ciavarella, M. ; Ducottet, C. ; Ponthus, N. ; Scheibert, J. 
629-May-2019Sample Complexity of Device-Independently Certified "quantum Supremacy"Hangleiter, Dominik ; Kliesch, Martin ; Eisert, Jens ; Gogolin, Christian 
724-Oct-2018Recovering Quantum Gates from Few Average Gate FidelitiesRoth, Ingo ; Kueng, Richard ; Kimmel, S. ; Liu, Y. K. ; Gross, David ; Eisert, Jens ; Kliesch, Martin 
81-Jun-2018Fulltext availableOpen AccessPhase domain walls in weakly nonlinear deep water surface gravity wavesTsitoura, F. ; Gietz, U. ; Chabchoub, A. ; Hoffmann, N.  
911-May-2018Fidelity Witnesses for Fermionic Quantum SimulationsGluza, M. ; Kliesch, Martin ; Eisert, Jens ; Aolita, Leandro 
105-Feb-2018Fulltext availableOpen AccessQuantized self-assembly of discotic rings in a liquid crystal confined in nanoporesSentker, Kathrin ; Zantop, Arne ; Lippmann, Milena ; Hofmann, Tommy ; Seeck, Oliver H. ; Kityk, Andriy V. ; Yildirim, Arda ; Schönhals, Andreas ; Mazza, Marco G. ; Huber, Patrick  
1128-Sep-2016Fulltext availableOpen AccessExperimental observation and theoretical description of multisoliton fission in shallow waterTrillo, S. ; Deng, G. ; Biondini, G. ; Klein, M.  ; Clauss, G. F. ; Chabchoub, A. ; Onorato, M. 
1217-Aug-2016Fulltext availableOpen AccessControlling the spontaneous emission rate of quantum wells in rolled-up hyperbolic metamaterialsSchulz, K. Marvin ; Vu, Hoan ; Schwaiger, Stephan ; Rottler, Andreas ; Korn, Tobias ; Sonnenberg, David ; Kipp, Tobias ; Mendach, Stefan 
137-Jun-2016Positive Tensor Network Approach for Simulating Open Quantum Many-Body SystemsWerner, Albert H. ; Jaschke, Daniel ; Silvi, P. ; Kliesch, Martin ; Calarco, T. ; Eisert, Jens ; Montangero, S. 
1414-Apr-2016Fulltext availableOpen AccessMagnetism, spin texture, and in-gap states : atomic specialization at the surface of oxygen-deficient SrTiO3Altmeyer, Michaela ; Jeschke, Harald O. ; Hijano-Cubelos, Oliver ; Martins, Cyril ; Lechermann, Frank ; Koepernik, Klaus ; Santander-Syro, Andrés F. ; Rozenberg, Marcelo J. ; Valentí, Roser ; Gabay, Marc 
1522-Oct-2015Fulltext availableOpen AccessBlackbody theory for hyperbolic materialsBiehs, Svend-Age ; Lang, Slawa ; Petrov, Alexander Yu.  ; Eich, Manfred ; Ben-Abdallah, Philippe 
1616-Oct-2014Matrix-product operators and states: NP-hardness and undecidabilityKliesch, Martin ; Gross, Dietmar ; Eisert, Jens 
176-Feb-2014Fulltext availableOpen AccessOptically induced indirect photonic transitions in a slow light photonic crystal waveguideCastellanos Muñoz, Michel ; Petrov, Alexander Yu.  ; O'Faolain, Liam ; Li, Juntao ; Krauss, Thomas F. ; Eich, Manfred 
182-Aug-2013Fulltext availableOpen AccessHydrodynamic supercontinuumChabchoub, A. ; Hoffmann, N.  ; Onorato, M. ; Genty, G. ; Dudley, J. M. ; Akhmediev, N. 
1921-Mar-2013Fulltext availableOpen AccessExperimental observation of dark solitons on the surface of waterChabchoub, A. ; Kimmoun, O. ; Branger, H. ; Hoffmann, N.  ; Proment, D. ; Onorato, M. ; Akhmediev, N. 
205-Jun-2012Quasilocality and efficient simulation of Markovian quantum dynamicsBarthel, Thomas ; Kliesch, Martin