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17-Mar-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessA comprehensive survey on climate optimal aircraft trajectory planningSimorgh, Abolfazl ; Soler, Manuel ; González-Arribas, Daniel ; Matthes, Sigrun ; Grewe, Volker ; Dietmüller, Simone ; Baumann, Sabine ; Yamashita, Hiroshi ; Yin, Feijia ; Castino, Federica ; Linke, Florian ; Lührs, Benjamin ; Mendiguchia Meuser, Maximilian 
2Jul-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessVibro-acoustical sensitivities of stiffened aircraft structures due to attached mass-spring-dampers with uncertain parametersSeidel, Johannes ; Lippert, Stephan ; Estorff, Otto von 
37-Mar-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessFuel planning strategies considering operational uncertainties of aerodynamic formation flightSwaid, Majed ; Marks, Tobias ; Linke, Florian ; Gollnick, Volker 
412-Feb-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessClimate impact mitigation potential of European air traffic in a weather situation with strong contrail formationLührs, Benjamin ; Linke, Florian ; Matthes, Sigrun ; Grewe, Volker ; Yin, Feijia 
525-Jan-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessToward ATM resiliency : a deep CNN to predict number of delayed flights and ATFM delaySanaei, Rasoul ; Pinto, Brian Alphonse ; Gollnick, Volker 
68-Jan-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessClimate impact mitigation potential of formation flightMarks, Tobias ; Dahlmann, Katrin ; Grewe, Volker ; Gollnick, Volker ; Linke, Florian ; Matthes, Sigrun ; Stumpf, Eike ; Swaid, Majed ; Unterstrasser, Simon ; Yamashita, Hiroshi ; Zumegen, Clemens 
730-Oct-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessClimate-optimized trajectories and robust mitigation potential : flying ATM4EMatthes, Sigrun ; Lührs, Benjamin ; Dahlmann, Katrin ; Grewe, Volker ; Linke, Florian ; Yin, Feijia ; Klingaman, Emma ; Shine, Keith 
828-Apr-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessA Collaborative approach for an integrated modeling of urban air transportation systemsNiklaß, Malte ; Dzikus, Niclas ; Swaid, Majed ; Berling, Jan  ; Lührs, Benjamin ; Lau, Alexander ; Terekhov, Ivan ; Gollnick, Volker 
91-Feb-2020Heavy ion induced single event effects characterization on an RF-agile transceiver for flexible multi-band radio systems in newspace avionicsBudroweit, Jan ; Jaksch, Mattis ; Alía, Rubén Garcia ; Coronetti, Andrea ; Kölpin, Alexander  
1024-Sep-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessIn-situ testing of a multi-band software-defined radio platform in a mixed-field irradiation environmentBudroweit, Jan ; Mueller, Steffen ; Jaksch, Mattis ; Alía, Rubén Garcia ; Coronetti, Andrea ; Kölpin, Alexander  
111-Aug-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessA concept for multi-criteria environmental assessment of aircraft trajectoriesMatthes, Sigrun ; Grewe, Volker ; Dahlmann, Katrin ; Frömming, Christine ; Irvine, Emma ; Lim, Ling ; Linke, Florian ; Lührs, Benjamin ; Owen, Bethan ; Shine, Keith ; Stromatas, Stavros ; Yamashita, Hiroshi ; Yin, Feijia 
1217-Jun-2016Fulltext availableOpen AccessOn a non-symmetric eigenvalue problem governing interior structural-acoustic vibrationsVoß, Heinrich