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17-May-2021Simultaneous imaging of widely differing particle concentrations in MPI: Problem statement and algorithmic proposal for improvementBoberg, Marija  ; Gdaniec, Nadine ; Szwargulski, Patryk ; Werner, Franziska ; Möddel, Martin  ; Knopp, Tobias 
225-Nov-2020Design of a head coil for high resolution mouse brain perfusion imaging using magnetic particle imagingGräser, Matthias  ; Ludewig, Peter ; Szwargulski, Patryk ; Förger, Fynn ; Liebing, Tom ; Forkert, Nils Daniel ; Thieben, Florian  ; Magnus, Tim ; Knopp, Tobias 
34-Oct-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessOptimizing robot motion for robotic ultrasound-guided radiation therapySchlüter, Matthias ; Fürweger, Christoph ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
420-Jun-2019Correction of linear system drifts in magnetic particle imagingKnopp, Tobias ; Gdaniec, Nadine ; Rehr, R. ; Gräser, Matthias  ; Gerkmann, Timo 
529-Mar-2019Discriminating nanoparticle core size using multi-contrast MPIShasha, Carolyn ; Teeman, Eric ; Krishnan, Kannan M. ; Szwargulski, Patryk ; Knopp, Tobias ; Möddel, Martin  
616-Mar-2018Magnetic particle imaging for in vivo blood flow velocity measurements in miceKaul, Michael ; Salamon, Johannes ; Knopp, Tobias ; Ittrich, Harald ; Adam, Gerhard ; Weller, Horst ; Jung, Caroline 
723-Jun-2017Magnetic particle imaging: from proof of principle to preclinical applicationsKnopp, Tobias ; Gdaniec, Nadine ; Möddel, Martin  
814-Jun-2017On magnetic dipole-dipole interactions of nanoparticles in magnetic particle imagingThem, Kolja 
95-Apr-2017First experimental comparison between the Cartesian and the Lissajous trajectory for magnetic particle imagingWerner, Franziska ; Gdaniec, Nadine ; Knopp, Tobias 
105-Apr-2017In vivo liver visualizations with magnetic particle imaging based on the calibration measurement approachDieckhoff, Jan Henrik ; Kaul, Michael ; Mummert, Tobias ; Jung, Caroline ; Salamon, Johannes ; Adam, Gerhard ; Knopp, Tobias ; Ludwig, F. ; Balceris, C. ; Ittrich, Harald 
115-Apr-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessHybrid system calibration for multidimensional magnetic particle imagingGladiß, Anselm von ; Gräser, Matthias  ; Szwargulski, Patryk ; Knopp, Tobias ; Buzug, Thorsten M. 
125-Apr-2017In vitro and in vivo comparison of a tailored magnetic particle imaging blood pool tracer with resovistKaul, Michael ; Mummert, Tobias ; Jung, Caroline ; Salamon, Johannes ; Khandhar, Amit P. ; Ferguson, Richard Matthew ; Kemp, Scott J. ; Ittrich, Harald ; Krishnan, Kannan M. ; Adam, Gerhard ; Knopp, Tobias 
132017Recent progress in magnetic particle imaging: From hardware to preclinical applicationsKnopp, Tobias ; Conolly, Steven M. ; Buzug, Thorsten M. 
1426-May-2016Using data redundancy gained by patch overlaps to reduce truncation artifacts in magnetic particle imagingAhlborg, Mandy ; Kaethner, Christian ; Knopp, Tobias ; Szwargulski, Patryk ; Buzug, Thorsten M. 
1516-May-2016Online reconstruction of 3D magnetic particle imaging dataKnopp, Tobias ; Hofmann, Martin  
161-Apr-2016Increasing the sensitivity for stem cell monitoring in system-function based magnetic particle imagingThem, Kolja ; Salamon, Johannes ; Szwargulski, Patryk ; Sequeira, S. ; Kaul, Michael ; Lange, Claudia ; Ittrich, Harald ; Knopp, Tobias 
1718-Dec-2015Artifact free reconstruction with the system matrix approach by overscanning the field-free-point trajectory in magnetic particle imagingWeber, Alexander ; Werner, Franziska ; Weizenecker, Jürgen ; Buzug, Thorsten M. ; Knopp, Tobias 
1821-May-2015Symmetries of the 2D magnetic particle imaging system matrixWeber, Alexander ; Knopp, Tobias 
1921-Apr-2015Joint reconstruction of non-overlapping magnetic particle imaging focus-field dataKnopp, Tobias ; Them, Kolja ; Kaul, Michael ; Gdaniec, Nadine