Lecture notes in computer science

Lecture notes in computer science
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118-Jan-202313201Fulltext availableOpen AccessRecent advances in practical data reductionAbu-Khzam, Faisal N. ; Lamm, Sebastian ; Mnich, Matthias  ; Noe, Alexander ; Schulz, Christian ; Strash, Darren 
2Sep-202213414 LNCSSailFAIL: Model-Derived Simulation-Assisted ISA-Level Fault-Injection PlatformsDietrich, Christian  ; Bargholz, Malte ; Loeck, Yannick ; Budoj, Marcel ; Nedaskowskij, Luca ; Lohmann, Daniel 
3Sep-202213414 LNCSACTOR: Accelerating Fault Injection Campaigns Using Timeout Detection Based on AutocorrelationThomas, Tim-Marek ; Dietrich, Christian  ; Pusz, Oskar ; Lohmann, Daniel 
4Sep-202213557 LNCSHow Can a Refrigerated Warehouse Be Used to Store Energy?Repke, Marco ; Lange, Ann-Kathrin  ; Eckert, Carsten 
5Sep-2022Supervised Contrastive Learning to Classify Paranasal Anomalies in the Maxillary SinusBhattacharya, Debayan ; Becker, Benjamin Tobias ; Behrendt, Finn ; Bengs, Marcel ; Beyersdorff, Dirk ; Eggert, Dennis ; Petersen, Elina ; Jansen, Florian ; Petersen, Marvin ; Cheng, Bastian ; Betz, Christian Stephan ; Schlaefer, Alexander ; Hoffmann, Anna Sophie 
6Sep-202213557 LNCSImpact of Rubber-Tired Gantry Crane Dimension on Container Terminal ProductivityKastner, Marvin  ; Jahn, Carlos  
7Aug-202213482 LNCSMeeting Strangers Online: Feature Models for Trustworthiness AssessmentBorchert, Angela ; Díaz Ferreyra, Nicolás  ; Heisel, Maritta 
825-Jun-202213298 LNCSFixed points and 2-cycles of synchronous dynamic coloring processes on treesTurau, Volker 
9May-202213235 LNCSHaptics: Science, Technology, Applications
10May-202213235 LNCSDeveloping a VR training environment for hand and fingers rehabilitation with haptic feedbackAbbasimoshaei, Alireza  ; Aly, Ahmed Aly Ibrahim ; Kern, Thorsten Alexander  
11May-202213235 LNCSFulltext availableOpen AccessProximity-based haptic feedback for collaborative robotic needle insertionMieling, Till Robin ; Stapper, Carolin ; Gerlach, Stefan  ; Neidhardt, Maximilian ; Latus, Sarah  ; Gromniak, Martin ; Breitfeld, Philipp ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
12May-202213235 LNCSFulltext availableOpen AccessDesign of robot end-effector to be used in studying actuator-performance for vibrotactile perception in a telemanipulation setupYoussef, Fady  ; Becker, Maximilian ; Kern, Thorsten Alexander  
13May-202213235 LNCSFulltext availableOpen AccessDesign and implementation of a cartesian impedance control in a bilateral telemanipulation system using UR10e robotsHammoud, Ali ; Youssef, Fady  ; Kern, Thorsten Alexander  
14Nov-202113121 LNCSBlockchain-Based Result Verification for Computation OffloadingKörbel, Benjamin ; Sigwart, Marten ; Frauenthaler, Philip ; Sober, Michael Peter ; Schulte, Stefan 
152-Oct-202112973 LNCSCache-side-channel quantification and mitigation for quantum cryptographyWeber, Alexandra ; Nikiforov, Oleg ; Sauer, Alexander ; Schickel, Johannes ; Alber, Gernot ; Mantel, Heiko ; Walther, Thomas 
16Oct-202113163 LNCSPredicting Worst-Case Execution Times During Multi-criterial Function InliningMuts, Kateryna  ; Falk, Heiko  
17Sep-202112819 LNCSAssessing Security of Cryptocurrencies with Attack-Defense Trees: Proof of Concept and Future DirectionsEisentraut, Julia ; Holzer, Stephan ; Klioba, Katharina ; Křetínský, Jan ; Pin, Lukas ; Wagner, Alexander 
18Jul-202113095 LNCSAcceptance of Artificial Intelligence in Cars: A Survey ApproachStrobel, Christina ; Dana, Jason 
19Jul-202112829 LNCSParametrisation Independence of the Natural Gradient in Overparametrised SystemsOostrum, Jesse van ; Ay, Nihat 
2020-Jun-202112810 LNCSSynchronous concurrent broadcasts for intermittent channels with bounded capacitiesTurau, Volker