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Computers and mathematics with applications
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110-Apr-2020A remeshing strategy for large deformations in the finite cell methodGarhuom, Wadhah  ; Hubrich, Simeon ; Radtke, Lars ; Düster, Alexander 
21-Jan-2020An efficient algorithm for the calculation of sub-grid distances for higher-order LBM boundary conditions in a GPU simulation environmentMierke, Dennis  ; Janßen, Christian Friedrich  ; Rung, Thomas  
31-Jan-2020Mesoscopic methods in engineering and scienceJanßen, Christian Friedrich  ; Krafczyk, Manfred ; Luo, Li Shi 
415-Dec-2019Nonlinear diffusion, boundary layers and nonsmoothness: Analysis of challenges in drift–diffusion semiconductor simulationsFarrell, Patricio ; Peschka, Dirk 
51-Apr-2019Numerical integration for nonlinear problems of the finite cell method using an adaptive scheme based on moment fittingHubrich, Simeon ; Düster, Alexander 
615-Feb-2019Domain decomposition methods in scattered data interpolation with conditionally positive definite radial basis functionsLe Borne, Sabine  ; Wende, Michael 
71-May-2018The finite cell method for nearly incompressible finite strain plasticity problems with complex geometriesTaghipour, Aliakbar ; Parvizian, Jamshid ; Heinze, Stephan ; Düster, Alexander 
81-Oct-2017HOFEIM 2016Yosibash, Zohar ; Rank, Ernst ; Düster, Alexander ; Reali, Alessandro 
92017The influence of geometric imperfections in cardiovascular FSI simulationsRadtke, Lars ; König, Marcel ; Düster, Alexander 
102017Anisotropic hierarchic solid finite elements for the simulation of passive–active arterial wall modelsSepahi, Omid ; Radtke, Lars ; Debus, Sebastian E. ; Düster, Alexander 
111-Oct-2016A flexible C++ framework for the partitioned solution of strongly coupled multifield problemsKönig, Marcel ; Radtke, Lars ; Düster, Alexander 
121-Nov-2014An efficient lattice Boltzmann multiphase model for 3D flows with large density ratios at high Reynolds numbersBanari, Amir ; Janßen, Christian F.  ; Grilli, Stephan T. 
134-Jan-2013Complexities in modeling of heterogeneous catalytic reactionsKeil, Frerich 
142-Jul-2012On enhanced non-linear free surface flow simulations with a hybrid LBM-VOF modelJanßen, Christian Friedrich  ; Grilli, Stephan T. ; Krafczyk, Manfred 
152012Accelerated staggered coupling schemes for problems of thermoelasticity at finite strainsErbts, Patrick ; Düster, Alexander 
1610-Jun-2010Numerical study of shear-dependent non-Newtonian fluids in compliant vesselsHundertmark, Anna ; Medviďová-Lukáčová, Mária