Linear algebra and its applications

Linear algebra and its applications
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115-Nov-2022Entrywise lower and upper bounds for the Perron vectorRump, Siegfried M.  
2Jul-2021On norms of principal submatricesBünger, Florian ; Lange, Marko ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
315-Feb-2019Bounds for the determinant by Gershgorin circlesRump, Siegfried M.  
42019Addendum to “Estimates of the determinant of a perturbed identity matrix” [Linear Algebra Appl. 558 (2018) 101–107]Rump, Siegfried M.  ; Batra, Prashant  
51-Dec-2018Estimates of the determinant of a perturbed identity matrixRump, Siegfried M.  
615-Sep-2017A short note on the ratio between sign-real and sign-complex spectral radius of a real square matrixBünger, Florian 
715-Nov-2016Yet more elementary proofs that the determinant of a symplectic matrix is 1Bünger, Florian ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
81-Jan-2015Residual bounds for some or all singular valuesLange, Marko 
97-Aug-2014Inverses, determinants, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors of real symmetric Toeplitz matrices with linearly increasing entriesBünger, Florian 
103-May-2012The main diagonal of a permutation matrixLindner, Marko  ; Strang, Gilbert 
1123-Sep-2011Large-scale Tikhonov regularization via reduction by orthogonal projectionLampe, Jörg ; Reichel, Lothar ; Voß, Heinrich 
1216-Sep-2011Multi-level substructuring combined with model order reduction methodsBlömeling, Frank 
1317-Nov-2009Detecting hyperbolic and definite matrix polynomialsNiendorf, Vasco ; Voß, Heinrich 
1430-Sep-2009Short biography of Shmuel Friedland for his special LAA volumeBerman, Abraham ; Krattenthaler, Christian ; Rump, Siegfried M.  ; Spitkovsky, Ilya ; Zhang, Fuzhen 
1525-Jan-2008Block computation and representation of a sparse nullspace basis of a rectangular matrixLe Borne, Sabine  
162006Eigenvalues, pseudospectrum and structured perturbationsRump, Siegfried M.  
171-Oct-2004Finite sections of band operators with slowly oscillating coefficientsLindner, Marko  ; Rabinovich, Vladimir S. ; Roch, Steffen 
184-Dec-2002Perron-Frobenius theory for complex matricesRump, Siegfried M.  
1910-Jan-2002On P-matricesRump, Siegfried M.  
2024-May-2001The product of two quadratic matricesBünger, Florian ; Knüppel, Frieder ; Nielsen, Klaus