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The journal of supercritical fluids
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17-Aug-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessNew insights in the morphological characterization and modelling of poly(ε-caprolactone) bone scaffolds obtained by supercritical CO₂ foamingSantos-Rosales, Víctor ; Gallo, Marta ; Jaeger, Philip ; Alvarez-Lorenzo, Carmen ; Gómez-Amoza, José Luis ; García-González, Carlos A. 
2Feb-20204th International Seminar on Aerogels, 2018Smirnova, Irina  ; Gurikov, Pavel ; Ratke, Lorenz 
3Jan-2020Protein recovery from bioethanol stillage by liquid hot water treatmentLamp, Anne ; Kaltschmitt, Martin ; Lüdtke, Oliver 
4Nov-2019Alginate aerogels carrying calcium, zinc and silver cations for wound care: Fabrication and metal detectionSubrahmanyam, Raman ; Keil, Claudia ; Dieringer, Paul ; Hübner, Christopher ; Morales, Alberto Bueno ; Gurikov, Pavel ; Nissen, Jörg ; Holtkamp, Manuel ; Karst, Uwe ; Haase, Hajo ; Smirnova, Irina  
5Aug-2019Alginate and hybrid alginate-hyaluronic acid aerogel microspheres as potential carrier for pulmonary drug deliveryAthamneh, Tamara ; Amin, Adil ; Benke, Edit ; Ambrus, Rita ; Leopold, Claudia S. ; Gurikov, Pavel ; Smirnova, Irina  
6May-2019Model development for sc-drying kinetics of aerogels: Part 2. Packed bed of spherical particlesSelmer, Ilka  ; Behnecke, Anna-Sophia ; Farrell, Patricio ; Morales, Alberto Bueno ; Gurikov, Pavel ; Smirnova, Irina  
7Oct-2018Model development for sc-drying kinetics of aerogels: Part 1. Monoliths and single particlesSelmer, Ilka  ; Behnecke, Anna-Sophia ; Quiño, Jaypee ; Braeuer, Andreas Siegfried ; Gurikov, Pavel ; Smirnova, Irina  
81-Apr-2018Supercritical fluid chromatographic separation on preparative scale and in continuous modeJohannsen, Monika  ; Brunner, Gerd 
9Apr-2018Preface The 30thYear Special issue of the Journal of Supercritical Fluids- Perspectives and Opinions on Current State and Future DirectionsKiran, Erdogan ; Brunner, Gerd ; Smith, Richard L. ; Cocero, Maria José Alonso ; Welch, Angela 
10Apr-2018Calculation of phase equilibria and their relation to separation with supercritical fluidsBrunner, Gerd 
11Apr-2018Aerogel production: Current status, research directions, and future opportunitiesSmirnova, Irina  ; Gurikov, Pavel 
12Mar-2018Hydrothermal flow-through treatment of wheat straw: Coupled heat and mass transfer modeling with changing bed propertiesReynolds, Wienke ; Smirnova, Irina  
13Feb-2018Influence of chemical nature of carrier materials on the dissolution behavior of racemic ibuprofenReiser, Sarah ; Sun, Miaotian ; Johannsen, Monika  ; Türk, Michael 
14Feb-2018Amorphization of drugs by adsorptive precipitation from supercritical solutions: A reviewGurikov, Pavel ; Smirnova, Irina  
152018Modeling adsorption on energetically heterogeneous surfaces with an extended SAFT-VR approachKern, Johannes ; Johannsen, Monika  
16Jul-2016Measuring and modeling adsorption equilibria of non-volatile compounds dissolved in supercritical carbon dioxide on nanoparticles using dynamic methodsKern, Johannes ; Johannsen, Monika  
172016Supercritical CO2 sorption kinetics and thymol impregnation of PCL and PCL-HAIvanovic, Jasna ; Knauer, Sandra ; Fanovich, Alejandra ; Milovanovic, Stoja ; Stamenic, Marko ; Jaeger, Philip ; Zizovic, Irena ; Eggers, Rudolf 
181-Nov-2015Aerogels: Current status and challenges for the futureSmirnova, Irina  
19Nov-2015Preparation of macroporous alginate-based aerogels for biomedical applicationsMartins, Marta ; Barros, Alexandre A. ; Quraishi, Sakeena ; Gurikov, Pavel ; Subrahmanyam, Raman ; Smirnova, Irina  ; Duarte, Ana Rita C. ; Reis, Rui L. 
2027-May-2015Development of egg white protein aerogels as new matrix material for microencapsulation in foodSelmer, Ilka  ; Kleemann, Christian ; Kulozik, Ulrich ; Heinrich, Stefan ; Smirnova, Irina