Proceedings of the American Control Conference

Proceedings of the American Control Conference

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1Jun-2022Robust Performance Analysis of Source-Seeking Dynamics with Integral Quadratic ConstraintsDatar, Adwait ; Werner, Herbert 
2Jul-2020A Dynamic Quasi-Taylor Approach for Distributed Consensus Problems with Packet LossMirali, Furugh ; Werner, Herbert 
3Jul-2020Distributed Controller Design for Systems Interconnected over Chordal GraphsHeinke, Simon ; Schug, Ann-Kathrin ; Werner, Herbert 
4Jul-2019Dynamic mechanism design for human-in-the-loop control of building energy consumptionSchutte, Maximilian ; Hota, Ashish Ranjan ; Eichler, Annika ; Lygeros, John 
59-Aug-2018Multiple Source Seeking using Glowworm Swarm Optimization and Distributed Gradient EstimationTurgeman, Avi  ; Werner, Herbert 
69-Aug-2018A Dissipativity Formulation for Stability Analysis of Nonlinear and Parameter Dependent MPCCisneros, Pablo S. G. ; Werner, Herbert 
79-Aug-2018Identification of Linear Parameter-Varying Models with Unknown Parameter Dependence Using ϵ-Support Vector RegressionDatar, Adwait ; Schulz, Erik  ; Werner, Herbert 
89-Aug-2018A Decomposition Approach for a Class of Spatially Interconnected Systems of Finite Spatial ExtentGinta, Sabin Mihai ; Schug, Ann-Kathrin ; Werner, Herbert 
99-Aug-2018Distributed Approach to Dynamic Quantization for Multi-Agent SystemsJadhav, Shashank  ; Datar, Adwait ; Werner, Herbert 
109-Aug-2018A Memory Weighted Protocol for Sampled-Data Systems Subjected to Packet DropoutsDatar, Adwait ; Schneider, Daniel ; Mirali, Furugh ; Werner, Herbert ; Frey, Hannes 
1128-Jul-2015Compact LFT-LPV modeling with automated parameterization for efficient LPV controller synthesisHerzog, Christian ; Werner, Herbert 
12Jul-2015Plant modeling for observer-based control of the link stabilizing units at the European X-ray Free-Electron LaserHeuer, Michael ; Lichtenberg, Gerwald ; Pfeiffer, Sven ; Schlarb, Holger ; Werner, Herbert 
13Jul-2015Integrated flight control design for a large flexible aircraftTheis, Julian  ; Pfifer, Harald ; Balas, Gary ; Werner, Herbert 
14Jul-2015Distributed antiwindup compensation for spatially-distributed systemsLiu, Qin ; Werner, Herbert 
15Jul-2015Improved IQC description to analyze interconnected systems with time-varying time-delaysEichler, Annika ; Werner, Herbert 
16Jul-2015Formation control of non-holonomic agents with collision avoidanceBarogh, Siavash Ahmadi ; Rosero, Esteban ; Werner, Herbert 
17Jun-2014Control of heterogeneous groups of LPV systems interconnected through directed and switching topologiesHerzog, Christian ; Eichler, Annika ; Werner, Herbert 
18Jun-2014Reduced-size LFT closed-loop modeling of decomposable systems with simplified controller synthesisEichler, Annika ; Herzog, Christian ; Werner, Herbert 
192014On the application of Finsler's Lemma to LPV controller synthesisWollnack, Simon ; Werner, Herbert 
202014Synthesis of LPV controllers with reduced implementation complexityHerzog, Christian ; Hashemi, Seyed Mahdi ; Abbas, Hossam El-Din Mahmoud Seddik ; Werner, Herbert