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131-Dec-2022Mixing evolution behavior of raw and gasified biomass pellets in a fluidized bed reactorWang, Shen ; Song, Tao ; Jarolin, Kolja  ; Dymala, Timo  ; Dosta, Maksym ; Heinrich, Stefan ; Shen, Laihong 
215-Mar-2022Minimizing gas leakages in a system of coupled fluidized bed reactors for chemical looping combustionLindmüller, Lennard  ; Haus, Johannes ; Ramesh Kumar Nair, Arun ; Heinrich, Stefan 
314-Dec-2021Effects of chemical absorption on mass transfer from single carbon dioxide bubbles in aqueous sodium hydroxide solution in a vertical pipeSa'adiyah, Devy Setiorini ; Matsuo, Yuki ; Schlüter, Michael ; Kurimoto, Ryo ; Hayashi, Kosuke ; Tomiyama, Akio 
431-Aug-2021Model-based evaluation of a membrane-assisted hybrid extraction-distillation process for energy and cost-efficient purification of diluted aqueous streamsScharzec, Bettina ; Kruber, Kai ; Skiborowski, Mirko 
520-Jul-2021Combined effects of nanoparticles and surfactants upon foam stabilityShojaei, Mohammad Javad ; Méheust, Yves ; Osman, Abdulkadir ; Grassia, Paul ; Shokri, Nima 
615-Feb-2021Aroma absorption in a rotating packed bed with a tailor-made archimedean spiral packingLukin, Ilya ; Gładyszewski, Konrad ; Skiborowski, Mirko ; Górak, Andrzej ; Schembecker, Gerhard 
714-Dec-2020Energy saving potential of reactive dividing wall columns with azeotropic reaction systemsHarding, Laura-Selin ; Fieg, Georg 
82-Feb-2020Evaluation of performance improvements through application of anisotropic foam packings in rotating packed bedsGładyszewski, Konrad ; Groβ, Kai ; Bieberle, Andre ; Schubert, Markus ; Hild, Marvin ; Górak, Andrzej ; Skiborowski, Mirko 
916-Jan-2020Deactivation and regeneration of Claus catalyst particles unraveled by pore network modelLiu, Xinlei ; Zhang, Qunfeng ; Ye, Guanghua ; Li, Jinjin ; Li, Ping ; Zhou, Xinggui ; Keil, Frerich 
1023-Nov-2019Magnetic resonance imaging of interaction and coalescence of two bubbles injected consecutively into an incipiently fluidized bedBoyce, Christopher M. ; Penn, Alexander  ; Lehnert, M. ; Pruessmann, Klaas Paul ; Müller, Christoph Rüdiger 
112-Nov-2019Operation, validation and model comparison for a reactive dividing wall columnEgger, Torben ; Fieg, Georg 
122-Nov-2019How coherent structures dominate the residence time in a bubble wake: An experimental exampleKameke, Alexandra von ; Kastens, Sven ; Rüttinger, Sophie ; Herres-Pawlis, Sonja ; Schlüter, Michael 
138-Jun-2019Magnetic resonance imaging of single bubbles injected into incipiently fluidized bedsBoyce, Christopher M. ; Penn, Alexander  ; Lehnert, M. ; Pruessmann, Klaas Paul ; Müller, Christoph Rüdiger 
1428-Apr-2019Real-time magnetic resonance imaging of fluidized beds with internalsPenn, Alexander  ; Boyce, Christopher M. ; Conzelmann, Nicholas ; Bezinge, Gaëtan ; Pruessmann, Klaas Paul ; Müller, Christoph Rüdiger 
1512-Oct-2018Hydrodynamic inhomogeneities in large scale stirred tanks – Influence on mixing timeRosseburg, Annika ; Fitschen, Jürgen ; Wutz, Johannes ; Wucherpfennig, Thomas ; Schlüter, Michael 
166-Apr-2018Dynamic process behavior and model validation of reactive dividing wall columnsEgger, Torben ; Fieg, Georg 
1716-Mar-2018Scale and causes of catalyst activity loss in enzymatic catalyzed reactive distillationEgger, Torben ; Egger, Lisa Sophie ; Fieg, Georg 
1815-Nov-2016Experimental and numerical investigation of single-phase hydrodynamics in glass sponges by means of combined µPIV measurements and CFD simulationMeinicke, Sebastian ; Möller, Christian Ole ; Dietrich, Benjamin ; Schlüter, Michael ; Wetzel, Thomas 
1913-Mar-2016Effect of the catalyst pore structure on fixed-bed reactor performance of partial oxidation of n-butane: A simulation studyDong, Ying  ; Keil, Frerich ; Korup, Oliver ; Rosowski, Frank ; Horn, Raimund 
2012-Jan-2016Image-based analytical crystal shape computation exemplified for potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP)Le Borne, Sabine  ; Eisenschmidt, Holger ; Sundmacher, Kai