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Computers & fluids
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Comput. Fluids
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Computers and fluids
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115-Dec-2020A Lattice-Boltzmann-based perturbation methodO'Reilly, Christopher ; Janßen, Christian Friedrich  ; Grilli, Stephan T. 
215-May-2020Numerical simulation of nonlinear interactions in a naturally transitional flat plate boundary layerBanari, Amir ; Gehrke, Martin  ; Janßen, Christian Friedrich  ; Rung, Thomas  
330-May-2018A boundary element-vortex particle hybrid method with inviscid shedding schemeWang, Youjiang  ; Abdel-Maksoud, Moustafa  ; Song, Baowei 
413-Jul-2017Scrutinizing lattice Boltzmann methods for direct numerical simulations of turbulent channel flowsGehrke, Martin  ; Janßen, Christian Friedrich  ; Rung, Thomas  
515-May-2017On the development of an efficient numerical ice tank for the simulation of fluid-ship-rigid-ice interactions on graphics processing unitsJanßen, Christian Friedrich  ; Mierke, Dennis  ; Rung, Thomas  
610-Feb-2017Analysis of non-conservative interpolation techniques in overset grid finite-volume methodsVölkner, Svenja ; Brunswig, Jörg ; Rung, Thomas  
720-Nov-2015Turbulent flow in rough wall channels : validation of RANS modelsJin, Yan ; Herwig, Heinz 
81-Nov-2015Structure of a turbulent flow through plane channels with smooth and rough walls : an analysis based on high resolution DNS resultsJin, Yan ; Uth, Marc-Florian ; Herwig, Heinz 
92-Feb-2015Experience using pressure-based CFD methods for Euler-Euler simulations of cavitating flowsYakubov, Sergey ; Maquil, Thierry ; Rung, Thomas  
1030-Apr-2012Explicit Parallel-in-time Integration of a Linear Acoustic-Advection SystemRuprecht, Daniel  ; Krause, Rolf 
1131-Jan-2012Hybrid MPI/OpenMP parallelization of an Euler-Lagrange approach to cavitation modellingYakubov, Sergey ; Cankurt, Bahaddin ; Abdel-Maksoud, Moustafa  ; Rung, Thomas  
124-Feb-2011Adjoint RANS with filtered shape derivatives for hydrodynamic optimisationStück, Arthur ; Rung, Thomas