IEEE transactions on electromagnetic compatibility

IEEE transactions on electromagnetic compatibility
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Trans. Electromagn. Compat.
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Transactions on electromagnetic compatibility

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122-Sep-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessA waveform relaxation solver for transient simulation of large-scale nonlinearly loaded shielding structuresStefano, Marco de ; Wendt, Torben ; Yang, Cheng ; Grivet-Talocia, Stefano ; Schuster, Christian 
21-Aug-2022Iteration Dependent Waveform Relaxation for Hybrid Field Nonlinear Circuit ProblemsWendt, Torben ; De Stefano, Marco ; Yang, Cheng ; Grivet-Talocia, Stefano ; Schuster, Christian 
37-Jun-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessRegularized and compressed large-scale rational macromodeling: Theory and application to energy-selective shielding enclosuresStefano, Marco de ; Wendt, Torben ; Yang, Cheng ; Grivet-Talocia, Stefano ; Schuster, Christian 
414-Feb-2022Shielding of orbital angular momentum waves by a cavity with aperturesWulff, Michael ; Park, Woocheon ; Wang, Lei ; Yang, Cheng ; Brüns, Heinz-Dietrich ; Schuster, Christian 
51-Dec-2021Analysis and Optimization of Nonlinear Diode Grids for Shielding of Enclosures With AperturesYang, Cheng ; Wendt, Torben ; De Stefano, Marco ; Kopf, Marc ; Beck, Christopher ; Grivet-Talocia, Stefano ; Schuster, Christian 
6Oct-2020Wireless Communication of Radio Waves Carrying Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) above an Infinite Ground PlaneWang, Lei ; Park, Woocheon ; Yang, Cheng ; Brüns, Heinz-Dietrich ; Kam, Dong Gun ; Schuster, Christian 
7Aug-2020A Macromodeling-Based Hybrid Method for the Computation of Transient Electromagnetic Fields Scattered by Nonlinearly Loaded Metal StructuresWendt, Torben ; Yang, Cheng ; Brüns, Heinz-Dietrich ; Grivet-Talocia, Stefano ; Schuster, Christian 
8Dec-2019Efficient Crosstalk Analysis of Differential Links on Printed Circuit Boards Up to 100 GHzScharff, Katharina ; Brüns, Heinz-Dietrich ; Schuster, Christian 
9Feb-2019Variance-Based Iterative Model Order Reduction of Equivalent Circuits for EMC AnalysisYildiz, Ömer Faruk ; Brüns, Heinz-Dietrich ; Schuster, Christian 
10Dec-2018Application of Huygens' Principle for the Fast Calculation of Field Penetration Through Aperture ArraysHapp, Fabian ; Brüns, Heinz-Dietrich ; Gronwald, Frank 
115-Sep-2016Numerical Shielding Analysis of Anisotropic Multilayer Materials by the Method of MomentsHapp, Fabian ; Schröder, Arne ; Mavraj, Gazmend ; Brüns, Heinz-Dietrich ; Gronwald, Frank 
1225-Oct-2015Segmented physics-based modeling of multilayer printed circuit boards using stripline portsReuschel, Torsten ; Müller, Sebastian ; Schuster, Christian 
1324-Aug-2015A compact dipole antenna with curved reflector for 1.0-4.2 GHz EMC measurementWu, Qi ; Ding, Xiaojing ; Su, Donglin 
1415-Jul-2015A measurement setup for quantification of electromagnetic interference in metallic casingsVogt, Alexander ; Brüns, Heinz-Dietrich ; Wu, Qi ; Gronwald, Frank ; Schuster, Christian 
151-Apr-2015HIRF transfer function observations: Notes on results versus requirements and certification approachRasek, Guido A. ; Schröder, Arne ; Tobola, Pavel ; Řezníček, Zdeněk ; Loos, Steffen E. ; Tischler, Thorsten ; Brüns, Heinz-Dietrich 
1621-Mar-2015Energy-aware signal integrity analysis for high-speed PCB linksMüller, Sebastian ; Reuschel, Torsten ; Rimolo-Donadio, Renato ; Kwark, Young Hoon ; Brüns, Heinz-Dietrich ; Schuster, Christian