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Journal of biomechanics
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11-Jun-2022Densification of cancellous bone with autologous particles can enhance the primary stability of uncemented implants by increasing the interface friction coefficientZobel, Sebastian Manuel ; Ruhr, Miriam ; Neumann, Fenna ; Huber, Gerd ; Morlock, Michael 
216-Apr-2020Contact conditions for total hip head-neck modular taper junctions with microgrooved stem tapersBechstedt, Maren ; Gustafson, Jonathan A. ; Mell, Steven P. ; Gührs, Julian ; Morlock, Michael ; Levine, Brett R. ; Lundberg, Hannah J. 
32-Jan-2020Micromotion at the head-stem taper junction of total hip prostheses is influenced by prosthesis design-, patient- and surgeon-related factorsFalkenberg, Adrian ; Biller, Sara ; Morlock, Michael ; Huber, Gerd 
422-Aug-2018Variogram-based evaluations of DXA correlate with vertebral strength, but do not enhance the prediction compared to aBMD aloneDong, Xuanliang Neil ; Lu, Yongtao ; Krause, Matthias ; Huber, Gerd ; Chevalier, Yan ; Leng, Huijie ; Maquer, Ghislain 
525-Jul-2018Analysis of surface-to-surface distance mapping during three-dimensional motion at the ankle and subtalar jointsSiegler, Sorin ; Konow, Tobias ; Belvedere, Claudio ; Ensini, Andrea ; Kulkarni, Rewati ; Leardini, Alberto 
63-Oct-2016The effect of six degree of freedom loading sequence on the in-vitro compressive properties of human lumbar spine segmentsAmin, Dhara B. ; Lawless, Isaac M. ; Sommerfeld, Dana ; Stanley, Richard M. ; Ding, Boyin ; Costi, John J. 
711-Apr-2016A description of spinal fatigue strengthHuber, Gerd ; Nagel, Katrin ; Skrzypiec, Daniel M. ; Klein, Anke ; Püschel, Klaus ; Morlock, Michael 
826-Nov-2015Dynamic intermittent strain can rapidly impair ventral hernia repairKallinowski, Friedrich ; Baumann, Elena ; Harder, Felix ; Siassi, Michael ; Mahn, Axel ; Vollmer, Matthias ; Morlock, Michael 
918-Sep-2015Friction coefficient and effective interference at the implant-bone interfaceDamm, Niklas ; Morlock, Michael ; Bishop, Nicholas 
102015Nonlinear dynamics of the human lumbar intervertebral discMarini, Giacomo ; Huber, Gerd ; Püschel, Klaus ; Ferguson, Stephen J. 
118-Nov-2014Biomechanical adaptation of the bone-periodontal ligament (PDL)-tooth fibrous joint as a consequence of diseaseLin, Jeremy D. ; Lee, Jihyun ; Özcoban, Hüseyin ; Schneider, Gerold A. ; Ho, Sunita P. 
1216-Apr-2014Finite element analyses of human vertebral bodies embedded in polymethylmethalcrylate or loaded via the hyperelastic intervertebral disc models provide equivalent predictions of experimental strengthLu, Yongtao ; Maquer, Ghislain ; Museyko, Oleg ; Püschel, Klaus ; Engelke, Klaus ; Zysset, Philippe K. ; Morlock, Michael ; Huber, Gerd 
1310-Jan-2013Estimation of shear load sharing in moderately degenerated human lumbar spineSkrzypiec, Daniel M. ; Bishop, Nicholas ; Klein, Anke ; Püschel, Klaus ; Morlock, Michael ; Huber, Gerd 
147-Dec-2012Biomechanics of a bone-periodontal ligament-tooth fibrous jointLin, Jeremy D. ; Özcoban, Hüseyin ; Greene, Janelle P. ; Jang, Andrew T. ; Djomehri, Sabra I. ; Fahey, Kevin P. ; Hunter, Luke L. ; Schneider, Gerold A. ; Ho, Sunita P.