Lecture notes in computational science and engineering

Lecture notes in computational science and engineering

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18-Apr-2017115 LNCSEA meshfree semi-implicit smoothed particle hydrodynamics method for free surface flowBankole, Adeleke Olusegun ; Dumbser, Michael ; Iske, Armin ; Rung, Thomas  
21-Jan-2016104 LNCSEHierarchical preconditioners for high-order FEMLe Borne, Sabine  
32016104Inexact spectral deferred correctionsSpeck, Robert ; Ruprecht, Daniel  ; Minion, Michael ; Emmett, Matthew ; Krause, Rolf 
42016104Parareal for diffusion problems with spaceand time-dependent coefficientsRuprecht, Daniel  ; Speck, Robert ; Krause, Rolf 
52015103Variational principles for eigenvalues of nonlinear eigenproblemsVoß, Heinrich 
631-Oct-2014103Convergence of parareal for the Navier-Stokes equations depending on the Reynolds numberSteiner, Johannes ; Ruprecht, Daniel  ; Speck, Robert ; Krause, Rolf 
721-Apr-201498Hybrid space-time parallel solution of Burgers’ equationKrause, Rolf ; Ruprecht, Daniel  
821-Apr-201498Integrating an N-body problem with SDC and PFASSTSpeck, Robert ; Ruprecht, Daniel  ; Krause, Rolf ; Emmett, Matthew ; Minion, Michael ; Winkel, Mathias ; Gibbon, Paul 
91-Jan-2007Domain-decomposition Based H-LU PreconditionersLe Borne, Sabine  ; Grasedyck, Lars ; Kriemann, Ronald 
10200540Hierarchical matrices for convection-dominated problemsLe Borne, Sabine  
1119983The generalized hierarchical basis two-level method for the convection-diffusion equation on a regular gridBank, Randolph E. ; Gutsch, Sabine