International journal of fatigue

International journal of fatigue
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Int. J. Fatigue, Int. J. Fatigue (GB)
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112-Jul-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessInfluence of pitting corrosion on the fatigue strength of offshore steel structures based on 3D surface scansShojai, Sulaiman ; Schaumann, Peter ; Braun, Moritz  ; Ehlers, Sören 
2Aug-2021Influence of rider weight, riding style and payload on the operating loads of electrically power assisted cycles (EPAC)Groß, Eric 
3Aug-2021An algorithm for statistical evaluation of weld toe geometries using laser triangulationRenken, Finn ; von Bock und Polach, Rüdiger Ulrich Franz  ; Schubnell, Jan ; Jung, Matthias ; Oswald, Markus ; Rother, Klemens ; Ehlers, Sören ; Braun, Moritz  
4Apr-2021A review of fatigue test data on weld toe grinding and weld profilingBraun, Moritz  ; Wang, Xiru 
5Jan-2021Fatigue strength assessment of ground fillet-welded joints using 4R methodAhola, Antti ; Muikku, Arttu ; Braun, Moritz  ; Björk, Timo 
6Sep-2020Application of local approaches to the assessment of fatigue test results obtained for welded joints at sub-zero temperaturesBraun, Moritz  ; Milaković, Aleksandar-Saša ; Renken, Finn ; Fricke, Wolfgang ; Ehlers, Sören 
710-Jan-2017Fatigue assessment of local stresses at fillet welds around plate cornersFricke, Wolfgang ; Gao, Luyao ; Paetzold, Hans 
810-Mar-2016Effect of the stress distribution in simple welded specimens and complex components on the crack propagation lifeFischer, Claas ; Fricke, Wolfgang 
9Mar-2016Review of the fatigue strength of welded joints based on the notch stress intensity factor and SED approachesFischer, Claas ; Fricke, Wolfgang ; Rizzo, Cesare M. 
1026-Jan-2002Mode I and II delamination fatigue crack growth behavior of alumina fiber/epoxy laminates in liquid nitrogenHojo, Masaki ; Matsuda, Satoshi ; Fiedler, Bodo  ; Kawada, Takayoshi ; Moriya, Kiyoshi ; Ochiai, Shojiro ; Aoyama, Hiroshi