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Gallery of fluid motion
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122-Jul-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessScale-resolving turbulent channel flow simulations using a dynamic cumulant lattice Boltzmann methodGehrke, Martin  ; Rung, Thomas  
21-May-2022Effects of end-walls on flows in a highly loaded compressor cascade with double-circular-arc bladesJin, Yan ; Li, Changyong ; Du, Juan ; Zhang, Hongwu 
36-Oct-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessWall-modeled lattice Boltzmann large-eddy simulation of neutral atmospheric boundary layersAsmuth, Henrik ; Janßen, Christian F.  ; Olivares-Espinosa, Hugo ; Ivanell, Stefan 
415-Mar-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessContinuous adjoint complement to the Blasius equationKühl, Niklas  ; Müller, Peter Marvin  ; Rung, Thomas  
531-Jan-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessSimulating marine propellers with vortex particle methodWang, Youjiang  ; Abdel-Maksoud, Moustafa  ; Song, Baowei 
619-Dec-2016Laboratory and numerical study of intense envelope solitons of water waves: generation, reflection from a wall and collisionsSlunyaev, Alexey ; Klein, Marco  ; Clauss, Günther F. 
71-Jun-2016A direct numerical simulation study on the possibility of macroscopic turbulence in porous media: Effects of different solid matrix geometries, solid boundaries, and two porosity scalesUth, M. F. ; Jin, Yan ; Kuznetsov, Andrey V. ; Herwig, Heinz 
81-Jan-2016Numerical and experimental analysis of local flow phenomena in laminar Taylor flow in a square mini-channelFalconi, C. J. ; Lehrenfeld, C. ; Marschall, Holger ; Meyer, Christoph ; Abiev, R. ; Bothe, Dieter ; Reusken, A. ; Schlüter, Michael ; Wörner, M. 
916-Jan-2014Pore-scale dynamics of salt transport and distribution in drying porous mediaShokri, Nima 
1010-Oct-2013Experiments on wind-perturbed rogue wave hydrodynamics using the Peregrine breather modelChabchoub, Amin ; Hoffmann, Norbert  ; Branger, Hubert ; Kharif, Christian ; Akhmediev, Nail N. 
1119-Feb-2013Simulations and experiments of short intense envelope solitons of surface water wavesSlunyaev, Alexey ; Clauss, Günther F. ; Klein, Marco  ; Onorato, Miguel