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115-Feb-2021Electrically conducting duplex-coated gold-PES-UF membrane for capacitive organic fouling mitigation and rejection enhancementMantel, Tomi Jonathan  ; Benne, Paul ; Ernst, Mathias  
21-Apr-2019Can the variance in membrane performance influence the design of organic solvent nanofiltration processes?Böcking, Axel ; Koleva, Velichka ; Wind, Jan ; Thiermeyer, Yvonne ; Blumenschein, Stefanie ; Goebel, Rebecca ; Skiborowski, Mirko ; Wessling, Matthias 
3Dec-2018Solvent dependent membrane-solute sensitivity of OSN membranesThiermeyer, Yvonne ; Blumenschein, Stefanie ; Skiborowski, Mirko 
415-May-2018Flux-enhanced PVDF mixed matrix membranes incorporating APTS-functionalized graphene oxide for membrane distillationLeaper, Sebastian ; Abdel-Karim, Ahmed ; Faki, Bilal ; Luque-Alled, Jose Miguel ; Alberto, Monica ; Vijayaraghavan, Aravind ; Holmes, Stuart M. ; Szekely, Gyorgy ; Badawy, Mohamed I. ; Shokri, Nima ; Gorgojo, Patricia 
52017Solvent recovery and deacidification by organic solvent nanofiltration: Experimental investigation and mass transfer modelingWerth, Kathrin ; Kaupenjohann, Paul ; Knierbein, Michael ; Skiborowski, Mirko 
61-Dec-2016Comparative analysis of full-scale membrane distillation contactors - methods and modulesWinter, Daniel ; Koschikowski, Joachim ; Gross, Florian ; Maucher, D. ; Düver, D. ; Jositz, M. ; Mann, T. ; Hagedorn, Andrea 
7Jun-2016Effect of inorganic colloidal water constituents on combined low-pressure membrane fouling with natural organic matter (NOM)Schulz, Martin ; Soltani, Alexander ; Zheng, Xing ; Ernst, Mathias  
81-Apr-2015Kinetic modeling and selectivity of anion exchange in Donnan dialysisBeck, Adam ; Ernst, Mathias  
921-Jun-2013Effect of particle size and concentration on the synergistic UF membrane fouling by particles and NOM fractionsTian, Jia Yu ; Ernst, Mathias  ; Cui, Fuyi ; Jekel, Martin 
1010-May-2013Product recovery in surfactant-based separation processes : pervaporation of toluene from concentrated surfactant solutionsTopf, Maria ; Ingram, Thomas ; Mehling, Tanja ; Brinkmann, Torsten ; Smirnova, Irina