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Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings
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127-Sep-2021181Status of the TransiEnt Library : transient simulation of complex integrated energy systemsSenkel, Anne ; Bode, Carsten ; Heckel, Jan-Peter  ; Schülting, Oliver ; Schmitz, Gerhard ; Becker, Christian  ; Kather, Alfons 
2Mar-2019157Fulltext availableInfluence of excess power utilization in power-to-heat units on an integrated energy system with 100 % renewablesBode, Carsten ; Schmitz, Gerhard 
3Mar-2019157Fulltext availableModeling of the flow comparator prototype as new primary standard for high pressure natural gas flow meteringSingh, Sukhwinder ; Schmitz, Gerhard ; Mickan, Bodo 
41-Feb-2019157Fulltext availableOpen AccessImplementation of a non-discretized multiphysics PEM electrolyzer model in ModelicaWebster, John ; Bode, Carsten 
54-Jul-2017Fulltext availableOpen AccessOptimizing the start-up process of post-combustion capture plants by varying the solvent flow rateMarx-Schubach, Thomas ; Schmitz, Gerhard 
6Sep-2015118Fulltext availableOpen AccessModeling of the German National Standard for High Pressure Natural Gas Flow Metering in ModelicaHeyde, Michael von der  ; Schmitz, Gerhard ; Mickan, Bodo 
7Sep-2015118Fulltext availableOpen AccessStatus of the TransiEnt Library : Transient Simulation of Coupled Energy Networks with High Share of Renewable EnergyAndresen, Lisa ; Dubucq, Pascal ; Peniche Garcia, Ricardo ; Ackermann, Günter ; Kather, Alfons ; Schmitz, Gerhard 
8Dec-2014Interfacing Models for Thermal Separation Processes with Fluid Property Data from External SourcesWellner, Kai ; Trapp, Carsten ; Schmitz, Gerhard ; Casella, Francesco 
9Dec-201496A Modelica library for scalable modelling of aircraft environmental control systemsJordan, Philip ; Schmitz, Gerhard