IEEE transactions on antennas and propagation

IEEE transactions on antennas and propagation
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IRE transactions on antennas and propagation
Transactions on antennas and propagation

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1Apr-2020Dual-Polarized Phased Array with End-Fire Radiation for 5G Handset ApplicationsZhang, Jin ; Zhao, Kun ; Wang, Lei ; Zhang, Shuai ; Pedersen, Gert Frølund 
2Apr-2020Glide-Symmetric Lens Antenna in Gap Waveguide TechnologyYuan, Wei ; Chen, Jian Feng ; Zhang, Cheng ; Tang, Wen Xuan ; Wang, Lei ; Cheng, Qiang ; Cui, Tie Jun 
3Mar-2020Low-Dispersive Leaky-Wave Antennas for mmWave Point-to-Point High-Throughput CommunicationsZetterstrom, Oskar ; Pucci, Elena ; Padilla, Pablo ; Wang, Lei ; Quevedo-Teruel, Oscar 
4Jan-2020Wideband Leaky-Wave Antennas Loaded with Gradient Metasurface for Fixed-Beam Radiations with Customized Tilting AnglesChen, Jian Feng ; Yuan, Wei ; Zhang, Cheng ; Tang, Wen Xuan ; Wang, Lei ; Cheng, Qiang ; Cui, Tie Jun 
5Mar-2019Introducing a mixed-mode matrix for investigation of wireless communication related to orbital angular momentumPark, Woocheon ; Wang, Lei ; Brüns, Heinz-Dietrich ; Kam, Dong Gun ; Schuster, Christian 
6Nov-2018Low-dispersive leaky-wave antenna integrated in groove gap waveguide technologyWang, Lei ; Gomez-Tornero, Jose Luis ; Rajo-Iglesias, Eva ; Quevedo-Teruel, Oscar 
7Dec-2017A 24 GHz Dual-Polarized and Robust Dielectric Rod AntennaSporer, Michael ; Weigel, Robert ; Kölpin, Alexander  
819-May-2016On the Treatment of Arbitrary Boundary Conditions Using a Fast Direct H-Matrix Solver in MoMVogt, Alexander ; Reuschel, Torsten ; Brüns, Heinz-Dietrich ; Le Borne, Sabine  ; Schuster, Christian 
91-Jan-2010An external calibration scheme for DBF antenna arraysPawlak, Holger ; Jacob, Arne F. 
1030-Sep-2008Higher order multipole model of a thin-wire helixMeiners, Christian ; Richter, Marius D. ; Jacob, Arne 
117-May-2008Numerical and experimental parameter study of helix layersMeiners, Christian ; Jacob, Arne 
121-Jan-2007Fast numerical analysis of infinite helix layersMeiners, Christian ; Jacob, Arne 
133-Oct-2005Vector-valued wavelets with triangular support for method of moments applicationsBandlow, Wiebke C. ; Schneider, Guido ; Jacob, Arne 
1411-Apr-2005A scattering approach for the characterization of composite materialsPsilopoulos, Jannis ; Meiners, Christian ; Jacob, Arne