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123-Sep-2022Electroactive performance and cost evaluation of carbon nanotubes and carbon black as conductive fillers in self-healing shape memory polymers and other compositesOrozco, Felipe ; Salvatore, Alex ; Sakulmankongsuk, Anchista ; Ribas Gomes, Diego ; Pei, Yutao ; Araya-Hermosilla, Esteban Alejandro ; Pucci, Andrea ; Moreno-Villoslada, Ignacio ; Picchioni, Francesco ; Bose, Ranjita K. 
214-Apr-2021Mechanical degradation estimation of thermosets by peak shift assessment: General approach using infrared spectroscopyDoblies, Audrius ; Feiler, Christian ; Würger, Tim ; Schill, Eduard ; Meißner, Robert  ; Fiedler, Bodo  
33-May-2016Electrical conductivity of melt-spun thermoplastic poly(hydroxy ether of bisphenol A) fibres containing multi-wall carbon nanotubesJohannsen, Ingo ; Jaksik, Karolina ; Wirch, N. ; Pötschke, Petra ; Fiedler, Bodo  ; Schulte, Karl 
415-Jan-2016Viscoelastic and dielectric properties of composites of poly(vinyl butyral) and alumina particles with a high filling degreeHandge, Ulrich A. ; Wolff, Michael F. H. ; Abetz, Volker ; Heinrich, Stefan 
519-Aug-2014Friction spot welding of PMMA with PMMA/silica and PMMA/silica-g-PMMA nanocomposites functionalized via ATRPJunior, Wiebke S. ; Emmler, Thomas ; Abetz, Clarissa ; Handge, Ulrich A. ; Dos Santos, Jorge F. ; Amancio, Sergio ; Abetz, Volker 
631-Aug-2011A simulation study on the effects of shear flow on the microstructure and electrical properties of carbon nanotube/polymer compositesEken, Ali Erdem ; Tozzi, Emilio J. ; Klingenberg, Daniel J. ; Bauhofer, Wolfgang 
78-Mar-2006Evaluation and identification of electrical and thermal conduction mechanisms in carbon nanotube/epoxy compositesGojny, Florian H. ; Wichmann, Malte Hendrik Georg ; Fiedler, Bodo  ; Kinloch, Ian A. ; Bauhofer, Wolfgang ; Windle, Alan H. ; Schulte, Karl