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1Aug-2014A decentralized asymmetric weighting approach for improved convergence of multi-agent systems with undirected interactionSchug, Ann-Kathrin ; Eichler, Annika ; Werner, Herbert 
2Aug-2014Conservatism of analysis and controller synthesis of decomposable systemsEichler, Annika ; Herzog, Christian ; Werner, Herbert 
32014Modeling of the master laser oscillator phase noise for the European XFEL using fractional order systemsHeuer, Michael ; Lichtenberg, Gerwald ; Pfeiffer, Sven ; Schlarb, Holger ; Schmidt, Hans Christian ; Werner, Herbert 
42014Linear parameter-varying control of complex mechanical systemsHerzog, Christian ; Werner, Herbert 
52014Cooperative and consensus-based approaches to formation control of autonomous vehiclesBartels, Marcus ; Werner, Herbert 
62014Self-scheduled control of a gyroscopeTheis, Julian  ; Radisch, Christian ; Werner, Herbert 
72014LPV formation control of non-holonomic multi-agent systemsMendez Gonzalez, Antonio ; Werner, Herbert 
82014Complexity of implementation and synthesis in linear parameter-varying controlHerzog, Christian ; Werner, Herbert 
9May-2013Survey on the factors required in design of communication architecture for future DC gridsBabazadeh, Davood  ; Chenine, Moustafa ; Nordström, Lars 
1021-Apr-2013Design of tutorial activities and homework assignments for a large-enrollment introductory course in control systemsEichler, Annika ; Hoffmann, Christian ; Kautz, Christian ; Werner, Herbert 
112013Iterative learning control for SO(2) symmetric systemsPfeiffer, Sven ; Lichtenberg, Gerwald 
122012Approach to Boolean controller design by algebraic relaxation for heating systemsPangalos, Georg ; Lichtenberg, Gerwald 
13Aug-2011Multilinear algebraic boolean modelling with tensor decompositions techniquesLichtenberg, Gerwald ; Eichler, Annika 
142011MIMO controller synthesis for LTI and LPV systems using input-output modelsAli, Mukhtar ; Abbas, Hossam El-Din Mahmoud Seddik ; Werner, Herbert 
152011Grey box identification for the free electron laser FLASH exploiting symmetries of the RF-systemPfeiffer, Sven ; Schmidt, Jan-Christian ; Lichtenberg, Gerwald ; Werner, Herbert 
162011Discrete-time LPV controller synthesis using dilated LMIs with application to an Arm-Driven Inverted PendulumAli, Mukhtar ; Werner, Herbert 
172011LPV modelling and control of Burgers' equationHashemi, Seyed Mahdi ; Werner, Herbert 
182011An information flow filter approach to cooperative vehicle controlPilz, Ulf ; Popov, Andrey ; Werner, Herbert 
192011Identification of distributed systems with identical subsystemsAli, Mukhtar ; Popov, Andrey P. ; Werner, Herbert ; Abbas, Hossam El-Din Mahmoud Seddik 
202011Indirect closed-loop identification of input-output LPV models: A pre-filtering approachAli, Ahsan ; Ali, Mukhtar ; Werner, Herbert