Berichte des Forschungsschwerpunktes Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik

Berichte des Forschungsschwerpunktes Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik
Techn. Univ., Forschungsschwerpunkt Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik

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Issue DateVolume numberTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-200505.02A programmable computing machine operating autonomously at the molecular scaleMartínez Pérez, Israel Marck ; Ignatova, Zoya ; Gong, Zhang ; Zimmermann, Karl-Heinz 
2Feb-200505.01Self-assembly of DNA moleculesMartínez Pérez, Israel Marck ; Ignatova, Zoya ; Gong, Zhang ; Lau, Ming-Woei ; Zimmermann, Karl-Heinz 
3200404.1Accurate sum and dot productOgita, Takeshi ; Rump, Siegfried M.  ; Oishi, Shin’ichi 
4200404.2On small circles containing zeros and ones of analytic functionsBatra, Prashant  
5200303.1A rigorous lower bound for the optimal value of convex optimization problemsJansson, Christian 
6200202.1Rigorous lower and upper bounds in linear programmingJansson, Christian 
7Mar-200101.2A software platform for the sticker modelLai, Tangha Tina ; Zimmermann, Karl-Heinz 
8200101.1The patch selection problem and discrete stochastic dynamic programmingZimmermann, Karl-Heinz 
9200101.3Omitted values and real robust schur stabilityBatra, Prashant  
10200000.1DNA algorithms for binary linear codesZimmermann, Karl-Heinz 
1112-Oct-199999.3A short introduction to quaternay codesSuresh Babu, N. ; Zimmermann, Karl-Heinz 
12199999.1PROFIL/BIAS V 2.0Knüppel, Olaf 
13199999.2b4m : a free interval arithmetic toolbox for Matlab based on BIASZemke, Jens  
14199999.4Quasiconvex relaxations based on interval arithmeticJansson, Christian 
15Jul-199898.2Einführung in den Hardware-Entwurf mit ELLAEhlers, Gerd ; Zimmermann, Karl-Heinz 
16199898.4INTLAB - interval laboratoryRump, Siegfried M.  
17199898.1Construction of convex lower and concave upper bound functionsJansson, Christian 
18199898.3Fast and parallel interval arithmeticRump, Siegfried M.  
19Feb-199797.1Das ELLA 2000 Mikrocontroller-ProjektZimmermann, Karl-Heinz ; Ehlers, Gerd ; Brandt, Wolfgang ; Bouchard, Francis A. M. ; Diedrichsen, Jörn ; Möller, Thies 
20199797.2A class of double coset codesZimmermann, Karl-Heinz