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1May-201892Agile method development: A Live-lab case study on product properties for process planningAlbers, Albert ; Bursac, Nikola ; Eckert, Claudia ; Walter, Benjamin ; Wilmsen, Miriam ; Heimicke, Jonas 
2May-201892The world is complex therefore our research is needed - using data mining for literature reviewsAlbers, Albert ; Bursac, Nikola ; Butenko, Viktoriia ; Marthaler, Florian ; Zhang, Q. 
3May-201892Live-labs as real-world validation environments for design methodsAlbers, Albert ; Walter, Benjamin ; Wilmsen, Miriam ; Bursac, Nikola 
4May-201892How to foster innovation? Findings and hypotheses for collaborations between research and industryŞahin, Tarık ; Cudok, Anja ; Rapp, Simon ; Inkermann, David ; Albers, Albert ; Wattenberg, Friedrich ; Bursac, Nikola ; Vietor, Thomas 
5May-201892An assessment of methods to support the design of future robust modular product architecturesGreve, Erik ; Krause, Dieter  
6Jan-201889Agile innovative impulses in product generation engineering: creativity by intentional forgettingHeimicke, Jonas ; Reiß, Nicolas ; Albers, Albert ; Walter, Benjamin ; Breitschuh, Jan ; Knoche, S. ; Bursac, Nikola 
7Jan-201889Experience scenarios to stimulate creativity - generating solutions in the system of systems of seamless mobilityAlbers, Albert ; Grunwald, Armin ; Marthaler, Florian ; Reiß, Nicolas ; Bursac, Nikola 
8Aug-201787, 3Efficient application of MBSE using reference models: a PGE case studyMüller, Marvin ; Schiffbänker, Paul ; Albers, Albert ; Braun, Andreas ; Bursac, Nikola 
9Aug-201787-9Discursive vs. intuitive - An experimental study to facilitate the use of design cataloguesÜreten, Selin ; Krause, Dieter  
10May-201684Assessing impacts of modular product architectures on the firm: a case studyWindheim, Marc ; Hackl, Jennifer ; Gebhardt, Nicolas ; Krause, Dieter  
11May-201684Influences of additive manufacturing on design processes for customised productsSpallek, Johanna ; Sankowski, Olga ; Krause, Dieter  
12May-201684Effects of modular product structures on life phases and economic factorsHackl, Jennifer ; Krause, Dieter  
13May-201684Method recommendation and application in agile product development processesReiß, Nicolas ; Bursac, Nikola ; Albers, Albert ; Walter, Benjamin ; Gladysz, Bartosz 
14201685Avoiding fall related injuries in older adults - An interdisciplinary design approachSankowski, Olga ; Wollesen, Bettina ; Köhler, Berit ; Krause, Dieter  ; Mattes, Klaus 
15Jul-201580-02Integrated product and process models: Towards an integrated framework and reviewEckert, Claudia ; Albers, Albert ; Bursac, Nikola ; Chen, Hilario Xin ; Clarkson, P. John ; Gericke, Kilian ; Gladysz, Bartosz ; Maier, Jakob F. ; Rachenkova, Galina ; Shapiro, Daniel ; Wynn, David C. 
16201169Development of functional mock-ups for engineering design educationBeckmann, Gregor ; Krause, Dieter  
17201168,10, Pt. 2A visualization concept for supporting module lightweight designGumpinger, Thomas ; Jonas, Henry ; Plaumann, Benedikt ; Krause, Dieter  
18201168,4Development of modular products under consideration of lightweight designGumpinger, Thomas ; Krause, Dieter  
19201168,4Strategic planning for modular product familiesJonas, Henry ; Krause, Dieter  
20201168,4A methodical approach for developing modular product familiesKrause, Dieter  ; Eilmus, Sandra