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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
12023Fulltext availableOpen AccessCIBA: continuous interruption-free brain authenticationThesisGondesen, Florian 
22023Fulltext availableOpen AccessInvestigations into social engineering evidence for security researchThesisÜbelacker, Sven  
3Nov-2022Power Contracts: Provably Complete Power Leakage Models for ProcessorsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Bloem, Roderick ; Gigerl, Barbara ; Gourjon, Marc Olivier ; Hadzic, Vedad ; Mangard, Stefan ; Primas, Robert 
4Nov-2021PCaaD: Towards automated determination and exploitation of industrial systemsArticleGreen, Benjamin ; Derbyshire, Richard ; Krotofil, Marina  ; Knowles, William ; Prince, Daniel ; Suri, Neeraj 
511-Aug-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessMasking Kyber: first-and higher-order implementationsArticleBos, Joppe Willem ; Gourjon, Marc Olivier ; Renes, Joost ; Schneider, Tobias ; Vredendaal, Christine van 
623-Feb-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessMasking in fine-grained leakage models: construction, implementation and verificationArticleBarthe, Gilles ; Gourjon, Marc Olivier ; Grégoire, Benjamin ; Orlt, Maximilian ; Paglialonga, Clara ; Porth, Lars 
7Feb-2021CIBA: Continuous interruption-free brain authenticationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Gondesen, Florian ; Gollmann, Dieter 
8Feb-2021Automated Masking of Software Implementations on Industrial MicrocontrollersChapter/Article (Proceedings)Abromeit, Arnold ; Bache, Florian ; Becker, Leon A. ; Gourjon, Marc Olivier ; Güneysu, Tim ; Jorn, Sabrina ; Moradi, Amir ; Orlt, Maximilian ; Schellenberg, Falk 
99-Jun-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessDetecting timing side-channels in executablesThesisFriemann, Jannik 
10Jan-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessSecurity analysis of user namespaces and rootless containersThesisSemjonov, Anton 
11Oct-2019A shoulder-surfing resistant image-based authentication scheme with a brain-computer interfaceChapter/Article (Proceedings)Gondesen, Florian ; Marx, Matthias ; Kycler, Ann-Christine 
122-Jul-2019Proceedings of the 2019 ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications SecurityConference Proceedings
132019Securing industrial control systemsChapter (Book)Krotofil, Marina  ; Kursawe, Klaus ; Gollmann, Dieter 
1424-Oct-2018EEG-based biometricsChapter (Book)Gondesen, Florian ; Marx, Matthias ; Gollmann, Dieter 
155-Mar-2018Fulltext availableOpen AccessA graph-based approach to access control migrationThesisHackelberg, Niklas 
16Feb-2018Overlapping clustering for textual dataChapter/Article (Proceedings)Khazaei, Atefeh ; Ghasemzadeh, Mohammad ; Gollmann, Dieter 
173-Nov-2017On the significance of process comprehension for conducting targeted ICS attacksChapter/Article (Proceedings)Green, Benjamin ; Krotofil, Marina  ; Abbasi, Ali 
182-Apr-2017Cyber-physical system discovery - Reverse Engineering Physical ProcessesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Winnicki, Alexander ; Krotofil, Marina  ; Gollmann, Dieter 
196-Feb-2017The seven turrets of Babel: a taxonomy of LangSec errors and how to expunge themChapter/Article (Proceedings)Momot, Falcon Darkstar ; Bratus, Sergey ; Hallberg, Sven Moritz ; Patterson, Meredith L. 
202017Fulltext availableOpen AccessEnd user reporting of suspicious E-mails using X-ARFThesisMetzner, Adrian