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125-Oct-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessOnline strategy synthesis for safe and optimized control of steerable needlesArticleLehmann, Sascha ; Rogalla, Antje  ; Neidhardt, Maximilian ; Schlaefer, Alexander ; Schupp, Sibylle 
230-Sep-2021WCET-aware reachability for verified simplex design: work-in-progressChapter/Article (Proceedings)Lübke, Ole  ; Schupp, Sibylle 
3Sep-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessTeaching machine learning and data literacy to students of logistics using Jupyter NotebooksChapter/Article (Proceedings)Kastner, Marvin  ; Franzkeit, Janna  ; Lainé, Anna 
4Sep-2020Designing and analyzing open application-oriented labs in software-verification educationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Rogalla, Antje  ; Kamph, Timo ; Bulmann, Ulrike ; Billerbeck, Katrin ; Blumreiter, Mathias ; Schupp, Sibylle 
518-Jun-2020Provably privacy-preserving distributed data aggregation in smart gridsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Stübs, Marius ; Mueller, Tobias ; Bavendiek, Kai ; Lösch, Manuel ; Schupp, Sibylle ; Federrath, Hannes 
626-Apr-2020Synthesizing strategies for needle steering in gelatin phantomsResearch PaperRogalla, Antje  ; Lehmann, Sascha ; Neidhardt, Maximilian ; Sprenger, Johanna ; Bengs, Marcel ; Schlaefer, Alexander ; Schupp, Sibylle 
79-Jan-2020Modelling and verification in GDPR's data protection impact assessment : a case study on the AccuWeather/Reveal Mobile CaseChapter/Article (Proceedings)Schulz, Wolfgang ; Wittner, Florian ; Bavendiek, Kai ; Schupp, Sibylle 
8Nov-2019Guaranteeing privacy policies using lightweight type systemsArticleAdams, Robin ; Schulz, Wolfgang ; Schupp, Sibylle ; Wittner, Florian 
9Sep-2019Towards self-explainable cyber-physical systemsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Blumreiter, Mathias ; Greenyer, Joel ; Chiyah Garcia, Francisco Javier ; Klos, Verena ; Schwammberger, Maike ; Sommer, Christoph ; Vogelsang, Andreas ; Wortmann, Andreas 
10May-2019Static Analysis for Worst-Case Battery UtilizationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Ivanov, Dmitry ; Schupp, Sibylle 
112019An online model checking approach to soft-tissue detection for ruptureChapter/Article (Proceedings)Antoni, Sven-Thomas ; Lehmann, Sascha ; Schupp, Sibylle ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
122019Automatically proving purpose limitation in software architecturesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Bavendiek, Kai ; Wittner, Florian ; Schwaneberg, Thea ; Behrendt, Christian Alexander ; Schulz, Wolfgang ; Federrath, Hannes ; Schupp, Sibylle ; Mueller, Tobias 
132019Fulltext availableOpen AccessDo we need real data? : testing and training algorithms with artificial geolocation dataChapter/Article (Proceedings)Kaiser, Jan ; Bavendiek, Kai ; Schupp, Sibylle 
142019A quantitative metric temporal logic for execution-time constrained verificationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Lehmann, Sascha ; Antoni, Sven-Thomas ; Schlaefer, Alexander ; Schupp, Sibylle 
151-Nov-2018Model checking for trigger loss detection during Doppler ultrasound-guided fetal cardiovascular MRIReview (Article)Antoni, Sven-Thomas ; Lehmann, Sascha ; Neidhardt, Maximilian ; Fehrs, Kai ; Ruprecht, Christian ; Kording, Fabian ; Adam, Gerhard ; Schupp, Sibylle ; Schlaefer, Alexander 
1629-Oct-2018Privacy-Preserving Architectures with Probabilistic GuarantiesChapter/Article (Proceedings)Bavendiek, Kai ; Adams, Robin ; Schupp, Sibylle 
172018Fulltext availableOpen AccessEin Ansatz zur nachvollziehbaren Verifikation medizinisch-cyber-physikalischer SystemeChapter/Article (Proceedings)Padberg, Julia ; Schlaefer, Alexander ; Schupp, Sibylle 
182018Translating Law into Code - Why Computer Scientists and Lawyers Must Join ForcesArticleSchupp, Sibylle 
192018Constructing Independently Verifiable Privacy-Compliant Type Systems for Message Passing Between Black-Box ComponentsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Adams, Robin ; Schupp, Sibylle 
202018Analytical solution for long battery lifetime prediction in nonadaptive systemsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Ivanov, Dmitry ; Larsen, Kim G. ; Schupp, Sibylle ; Srba, Jiří