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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
1Oct-2021Pricing decisions of consumer innovatorsArticleEbbing, Tobias  ; Lüthje, Christian 
226-Jul-2021Price elasticity of demand for consumer innovationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Ebbing, Tobias  ; Lüthje, Christian 
32021The dynamics of green innovation in B2B industries: a systems approach to explain the diffusion of bioplasticsThesisRhein, Friederike Esther 
42021Re-examining the price-demand function for consumer innovationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Ebbing, Tobias  ; Lüthje, Christian 
52021CEOs’ search for alignment: the impact of strategic orientations on an extended adoption of Software-as-a-Service in SMEsArticleFretschner, Michael ; Clauss, Thomas ; Hagenau, Daniel Tobias ; Lüthje, Christian 
6Apr-2020Accidential und User EntrepreneurshipChapter (Book)Ebbing, Tobias  
730-Jan-2020User InnovationArticleFranke, Nikolaus ; Lüthje, Christian 
82020Which customers pay? predicting value pre and post salesThesisBeirau, David 
919-Jul-2019The role of retailers as generators and mediators of new product ideasChapter (Book)Lüthje, Christian 
10May-2019Die diskursive Konstruktion ökonomischer Werte durch Business PitchesChapter (Book)Florian, Michael 
112-Mar-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessDecision-makers’ underestimation of user innovationArticleBradonjic, Philip ; Franke, Nikolaus ; Lüthje, Christian 
122019Bedeutung von Clustern für die Innovativität von Unternehmen : Innovation, Wissen, RelationenThesisTerstriep, Judith 
132019Performative Wende in der Organisationstheorie? Forschungsstand, Probleme und PerspektivenChapter/Article (Proceedings)Florian, Michael 
142019Pricing of user innovationsResearch PaperEbbing, Tobias  ; Lüthje, Christian 
152019Pricing of user innovationsResearch PaperEbbing, Tobias  ; Lüthje, Christian 
162019Pricing of household sector innovationResearch PaperEbbing, Tobias  ; Lüthje, Christian 
172-Nov-2018Innovation, knowledge and relations–on the role of clusters for firms’ innovativenessArticleTerstriep, Judith ; Lüthje, Christian 
182018Impacting the sensory experience of products : experimental studies on perceived qualityThesisCowen-Elstner, Christine 
192018Economic underpinning of social innovation : social innovations' contribution to inclusive growthChapter (Book)Terstriep, Judith ; Kleverbeck, Maria 
205-Jun-2017Innovation for elderly with dementia : localization technology transferArticleEbbing, Tobias  ; Cichosz, Marzenna