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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
130-Mar-2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessAcoustic backscatter communication and power transfer for batteryless wireless sensorsArticleOppermann, Peter ; Renner, Bernd-Christian 
26-Jan-2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessSurvey on low-cost underwater sensor networks : from niche applications to everyday useArticleCampagnaro, Filippo ; Steinmetz, Fabian  ; Renner, Bernd-Christian 
32023Fulltext availableOpen AccessOnline machine learning for 1-day-ahead prediction of indoor photovoltaic energyArticleKraemer, Frank Alexander ; Asad, Hafiz Areeb ; Bach, Kerstin ; Renner, Bernd-Christian 
4Oct-2022Learning attention models for resource-constrained, self-adaptive visual sensing applicationsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Asad, Hafiz Areeb ; Kraemer, Frank Alexander ; Bach, Kerstin ; Renner, Bernd-Christian ; Veiga, Tiago Santos 
5Oct-2022UWRange : an open ROS framework for simulating acoustic ranging and localization for underwater robots under realistic conditionsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Steinmetz, Fabian  ; Dücker, Daniel-André  ; Sichert, Nils ; Busse, Christian ; Kreuzer, Edwin ; Renner, Bernd-Christian 
6Sep-2022In Situ Damping Parameter Estimation for an Underwater Vehicle Using Onboard SensorsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Busse, Christian ; Reich, Jan Erik ; Renner, Bernd-Christian 
7Aug-2022Higher-order modulation for acoustic backscatter communication in metalsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Oppermann, Peter ; Renner, Bernd-Christian 
8Jul-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessEmRep: energy management relying on state‐of‐charge extrema predictionArticleHanschke, Lars ; Renner, Bernd-Christian 
9Feb-2022Assessment of Underwater Positioning Accuracy of Acoustic Modems Using Real-Time Kinematic GNSS*Chapter/Article (Proceedings)Busse, Christian ; Hertrampf, Thore ; Renner, Bernd-Christian 
102022Towards Accurate Positioning of Underwater Vehicles Using Low-cost Acoustic ModemsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Busse, Christian ; Renner, Bernd-Christian 
112022Taking LoRa for a dive : CSS for low-power acoustic underwater communicationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Steinmetz, Fabian  ; Renner, Bernd-Christian 
122022Equalization for high-bitrate acoustic backscatter communication in metalsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Oppermann, Peter ; Renner, Bernd-Christian 
132022Fulltext availableOpen AccessScheduling dependent tasks for Energy-neutral Operation of sensor nodesThesisHanschke, Lars 
14Sep-2021Accuracy of TWR-Based Ranging and Localization in Mobile Acoustic Underwater NetworksChapter/Article (Proceedings)Stojimirovic, Tara ; Renner, Bernd-Christian 
15Aug-2021From the Long-Range Channel in the Ocean to the Short-Range and Very Shallow-Water Acoustic Channel in Ports and HarborsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Steinmetz, Fabian  ; Renner, Bernd-Christian 
1614-Jan-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessNonlinear modulation with low-power sensor networks using undersamplingArticleOppermann, Peter ; Dorendorf, Lennart ; Rutner, Marcus ; Renner, Bernd-Christian 
172021Towards Non-invasive Fish Monitoring in Hard-to-Access Habitats Using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and Machine Learning∗Chapter/Article (Proceedings)Zach, Juri ; Busse, Christian ; Funk, Steffen ; Mollmann, Christian ; Renner, Bernd-Christian ; Tiedemann, Tim 
18Sep-2020Scheduling recurring and dependent tasks in EH-WSNsArticleHanschke, Lars ; Renner, Bernd-Christian 
19Sep-2020Micro AUV Localization for Agile Navigation with Low-cost Acoustic ModemsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Dücker, Daniel-André  ; Steinmetz, Fabian  ; Kreuzer, Edwin ; Renner, Bernd-Christian 
20Jan-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessAHOI: Inexpensive, low-power communication and localization for underwater sensor networks and μAUVsArticleRenner, Bernd-Christian ; Heitmann, Jan ; Steinmetz, Fabian