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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
13-Mar-2021Entwicklung eines tangentialen Walzenstirnfräskonzeptes für TitanstrukturbauteilePresentationMöller, Carsten ; Dege, Jan Hendrik ; Heuwinkel, Markus 
230-Sep-2020Alle Parameter genau abgestimmt – Hochleistungs-CFK-Bearbeitung mit diamantbeschichteten Bohr- und FräswerkzeugenArticleHintze, Wolfgang ; Mehnen, Jan Philipp ; Schmid, Michael ; Süess, Bruno ; Weigand, Manfred 
3Sep-2020Process Monitoring Using Machine Learning for Semi-Automatic Drilling of Rivet Holes in the Aerospace IndustryChapter/Article (Proceedings)Köttner, Lars ; Mehnen, Jan Philipp ; Romanenko, Denys ; Bender, S. ; Hintze, Wolfgang 
4Sep-2020Was die Stabilität von Werkzeugspannmitteln beeinflusstResearch PaperHintze, Wolfgang ; Rosenthal, Oliver ; Möller, Carsten 
55-Aug-2020Automated removal of carbon fiber reinforced plastic layers for the repair by adhesive bondingArticleBrieskorn, Leander ; Hintze, Wolfgang 
621-Feb-2020Tool holder influence in roughing with end millsTechnical ReportHintze, Wolfgang ; Rosenthal, Oliver ; Möller, Carsten 
78-Jan-2020Assessment of tool holder performance in roughing with end mills: Process dynamics and surface formationArticleRosenthal, Oliver ; Hintze, Wolfgang ; Möller, Carsten 
82020Fulltext availableOpen AccessFinish machining of Ti6Al4V SLM components under consideration of thin walls and support structure removalArticleHintze, Wolfgang ; Wenserski, Robert von ; Junghans, Sebastian ; Möller, Carsten 
930-Dec-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessTemperature field due to a moving heat source in machining orthotropic composites with arbitrary fiber orientationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Mehnen, Jan Philipp ; Hintze, Wolfgang ; Köttner, Lars ; Wenserski, Robert von 
10Sep-2019Production at the leading edge of technologyConference Proceedings
11Sep-2019Orthogonal turning simulations for casted steel alloy using mesh free methodsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Rana, Pulkit ; Zielasko, Waldemar ; Schuster, Thomas ; Hintze, Wolfgang 
1219-Mar-2019Mobile Laser Trackers for Aircraft Manufacturing: Increasing Accuracy and Productivity of Robotic Applications for Large PartsArticleBrillinger, Christoph ; Susemihl, Hendrik ; Ehmke, Fabian ; Staude, Till ; Deutmarg, Kevin ; Klemstein, Maximilian ; Böhlmann, Christian ; Hintze, Wolfgang ; Wollnack, Jörg 
1320-Feb-2019Assessment of support structures with regard to their machinability in simultaneous precision machining of SLS Ti6AI4V partsTechnical ReportHintze, Wolfgang ; Wenserski, Robert von ; Möller, Carsten 
14Feb-2019Digital assistance systems for smart drilling units in aircraft structural assemblyChapter/Article (Proceedings)Hintze, Wolfgang ; Lödding, Hermann ; Friedewald, Axel ; Mehnen, Jan Philipp ; Romanenko, Denys ; Möller, Carsten ; Brillinger, Christoph ; Sikorra, Jan Niklas 
15Feb-2019Chatter stability in robotic millingArticleCordes, Marcel ; Hintze, Wolfgang ; Altintas, Yusuf 
162019Industrial Approaches to Realize a Digital Production in Aviation IndustryChapter/Article (Proceedings)Schulze, Benjamin ; Koch, Philip ; Bonas, Julian ; Borrmann, Christof ; Hintze, Wolfgang 
172019Digitalisierte Bohrtechnologie für die Strukturmontage / Digitised drilling technology for the structure assemblyArticleHintze, Wolfgang ; Lödding, Hermann ; Friedewald, Axel ; Mehnen, Jan Philipp ; Romanenko, Denys ; Sikorra, Jan Niklas 
1813-Dec-2018Fulltext availableOpen AccessHelical milling of bore holes in Ti6Al4V parts produced by selective laser melting with simultaneous support structure removalArticleHintze, Wolfgang ; Schötz, Robert ; Mehnen, Jan Philipp ; Köttner, Lars ; Möller, Carsten 
191-Jun-2018Evaluation of the total cutting force in drilling of CFRP: a novel experimental method for the analysis of the cutting mechanismArticleHintze, Wolfgang ; Clausen, Rolf ; Schütte, Christoph ; Kroll, Kristoffer 
20Jun-2018In situ analysis of PCBN cutting tool materials during thermo-mechanical loading using synchrotron radiationArticleProes, Friedrich ; Eichenseer, Christiane ; Hintze, Wolfgang ; Schell, Norbert ; Leahy, Wayne ; M’Saoubi, R. ; Sattel, Stefan