Verbundvorhaben DYNCAP: Dynamische Untersuchung von Dampfkraftprozessen mit CO2-Abtrennung zur Bereitstellung von Regelenergie

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Joint Research Project DYNCAP: Dynamic Study of Steam Power Processes with CO2 Separation for the Delivery of Reserve Power
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Within the framework of the Project DYNCAP a study will be performed on the possibilities available for delivering reserve energy in steam power plants equipped with CO2 separation, while considering the state of the art and realistic operating conditions. The main emphasis in this work is placed on the Post-Combustion and the Oxyfuel process for CO2 separation, both of which are based on the conventional steam cycle.

With the use of suitable steady-state simulation tools the reference process of the power plant cycle, the exhaust CO2 scrubber and the Oxyfuel processes will be modelled. Following this, process simulations of various steady-state part load conditions will be performed. These simulations will consider also the experiences gained from the pulverised fuel-based Oxyfuel process from the ADECOS and POSEIDON Joint Projects. These part load simulations will form the basis for the subsequent dynamic modelling of the said processes. At the same, other project partners will develop further already existing Modelica libraries. In a subsequent common step the various single components which are to be modelled and tested will be put together, to determine to what degree the costs for securing reserve power are influenced from the use of CO2 separation processes.

By means of collaboration with COORETEC the results from this project will contribute to the R&D Programme of the German Federal Government. The partners involved will expand their capabilities, so that they can undertake in the future research and development activities in this important sector. Moreover, the identification of realistic concepts for supplying reserve power will enhance and accelerate the acceptance of CO2 separation technologies in the electricity generation from coal. By utilising the results from this project in otherCOORETEC activities the efforts of the Federal Government will be further strengthened, to promote further this currently urgent priority in the political agenda against climate change.


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