Integriertes Verfahren zur Herstellung biobasierter Aerogele

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Integrated process for production of bio-based aerogelsIntegrated process for production of bio-based aerogels
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In this proposal a new approach towards fast and efficient production of organic aerogels is suggested. It is based on the use of carbon dioxide in all steps of the gel formation. The main objective is to investigate the mechanisms resulting in the accelerated solvent exchange and gelation process of organic gels in presence of carbon dioxide at elevated pressure, which results in the aerogels with unusual textural properties and very low thermal conductivity. The understanding of these mechanisms should enable the integration of the fast solvent exchange under pressure and CO2-induced gelation into the production of the bio-based organic gels. This process should allow significant shortening of the overall process time resulting in aerogels with the structural properties comparable or better than the state of the art.