Struktur, Eigenschaften und Wachstumsmechanismen von 3-dimensionalen Graphitnetzwerken (Aerographit)

Project Title
Structure, properties, and growth mechanisms of three-dimensional graphite networks (aerographite)
Funding Code
SCHU 926/25-1
Principal Investigator
Project Abstract
The goal of the project is the investigation, characterization and fabrication of functional materials with extreme low densities but macroscopic expansion. The fundamental mechanical limits of ultra-lightweight materials should be explored and understood and how functional properties like electrical conductivity and light adsorption can be maintained despite the low weight. This includes free standing 3 dimensional structures as well as layers, films and thin films which are bound on a substrate. Therefore a detailed synthesis-structure- property model should be developed which enables a control of syntheses path and properties on the basis of a fundamental understanding.The synthesis concept of the preliminary experiments with Aerographite should be utilized as starting point. The sacrificial template synthesis allows a large degree of freedom in both, the inner structure as well as the general shape of the material, which enables an understanding of the resulting properties on the base of the structure variations.


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