Cost Efficient Advanced Leading Edge Structure 2

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Cost Efficient Advanced Leading Edge Structure 2
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The objective is to develop new integrated technology and design concepts for fixed leading edge structure to achieve greater than 30% reduction in recurring manufacturing and assembly cost compared to to-day’s highly fabricated structure. The Project will explore material and processing technology options for both metallic and composite structural solutions that will result in preferred concepts that best meet the critical structural requirements which are defined in the project. A key requirement will be the cost and simplicity of manufacture; however structural performance, in service maintenance, systems access and environmental impact requirements will also feature in a concept and technology selection process. The Project aligns to the FP7 objectives defined in AAT.2008.4.1.2. Aerostructures ‘Development of highly integrated structures with optimum combination of metallic and composite materials …’ and AAT.2008.4.1.5. Production ‘... advanced manufacturing methods to reduce both recurring and non-recurring costs across the whole production cycle ...’. The project is subdivided into 5 operational working packages and one management work package, with organisation of WP’s running from WP1, definition of requirements, through technology development (WP2), concept design and development in WP3 & 4 and conclusions in WP5. The Project consortium is a well-balanced team of European Aerospace OEM’s, all very capable of appropriately assessing and ex-ploiting the competing technologies and design solutions.


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