Schnelle direkte Löseverfahren auf Basis von H-Matrix Algorithmen zur Elektromagnetischen Feldrechnung

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Fast Direct H-Matrix Solvers for Computational Electromagnetics
Principal Investigator
Project Abstract
In this project, fast direct solvers based on hierarchical (H-) matrices are investigated and extended to cope with arbitrary boundary conditions. The goal of the project is a fast electromagnetic solver based on the method of moments (MoM) that is applicable to a wide range of problems.

These solvers are particularly interesting for highly resonant structures such as personal computer systems, as iterative solvers show a poor convergence. Furthermore, these systems comprise various components which leads to a high complexity of the simulation setup. Typical components include lossy dielectric and metallic materials, printed circuit boards, cables, and structural components. These are confined in the narrow space of the cavity and impact on the standing pattern. In this scenario, fast numerical methods based on multi-pole expansion of the far field are not feasible and algebraic methods such as the adaptive cross approximation need to be applied. The resulting H-matrices can be efficiently used to solve the MoM system matrix. The implemented solver is part of the Concept-II framework and shows an excellent performance for all frequencies and simulation scenarios a traditional (full) MoM solver can be applied to.


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