Erweiterung der Konturintegralmethode für die stochastische Modellierung von Wellenleiter-Strukturen

Project Title
Extension of the Contour Integral Method for Stochastic Modeling of Waveguiding Structures
Principal Investigator
Project Abstract
Electromagnetic fields confined in a printed circuit board (PCB) cavity, the field inside a substrate integrated waveguide (SIW), and the normal scattered fields of infinitely extended structures have in common that the wave vector lies in a plane. In this thesis, the Contour Integral Method (CIM) is extended to model practical problems and devices as PCBs and planar microwave devices with inhomogeneous substrates and optical devices in TE and TM polarization. Physics-based approaches are used to incorporate transitions to the planar problem. For the handling of stochastic formulations of physics-based models, Polynomial Chaos Expansion (PCE) was used. Algorithms and methodologies are proposed to apply PCE efficiently and comprehensively. The proposed extensions and methods are validated using state of the art real world application examples.