Software-Benchmarking in der Signal- und Power-Integrität

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Software-Benchmarking for Signal and Power Integrity Applications
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The Institute of Electromagnetic Theory is evaluating SPEAG’s SEMCAD software, a FDTD based field solver, with respect to typical problems in signal and power integrity design of digital systems. Schmid & Partner Engineering AG (SPEAG) is a Zurich based company that develops and manufactures advanced numerical tools and instrumentation for evaluation of electromagnetic near- and far-fields from static to optical frequencies. SPEAG focuses on evaluation and optimization of EM fields in complex environments such as close to and within the human body. Typical applications include EM safety and design optimization of mobile phones, MRI, and medical implants.

Below is a benchmark from electronic packaging: A ball grid array (BGA) socket model consisting of approx. 28 million cells. Reflection, transmission, and crosstalk parameters were extracted in the frequency domain up to 40 GHz from time domain data. It can be seen that the crosstalk reaches a maximum in the frequency range from 10 to 15 GHz.