Modellierung von Via-Arrays für die Anwendung in schnellen energieeffizienten digitalen Systemen

Project Title
Via Array Modeling for Application in Fast, Energy-Efficient Digital Systems
Principal Investigator
Project Abstract
This thesis studies the application of physics-based via models for an efficient modeling of large via arrays in multiglayer PCBs. Three main aspects are addressed: the study and improvement of the modeling accuray, the study and improvement of the model efficiency, and the application of the model in a systematic evaluation of via array design alternatives for high speed links.

With regard to the modeling accuracy, the application of an improved local field model is identified as a suitable way to improve the model accuraxy for the simulation of via arrays, especially at frequencies above 20 GHz. With the improved model, an accurate simulation of via arrays with a pitch of 60 mil or larger becomes possible in the frequency range up to 50 GHz. Improvements with regard to the model efficiency lead to a reduction of calculation times which allows to carry out fast design explorations for smaller via arrays on a stadard PC. Finally, an approach for the systematic design ebaluation is presented which intefrates the adventages of the efficient physics-based via model in a larger concept. With the approach, a quantitative comparison of design alternatives bevomes possible that takes into account the impact of design changes on both signal integrity and energy efficiency for the complete system.