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114-Apr-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessMaterial modeling of Ti6Al4V alloy processed by laser powder bed fusion for application in macro-scale simulationDatasetBartsch, Katharina  ; Herzog, Dirk ; Bossen, Bastian ; Emmelmann, Claus 
27-Apr-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessComparison of iPad Pro’s LiDAR and TrueDepth capabilities with an industrial 3D scanning solutionArticleVogt, Maximilian ; Rips, Adrian ; Emmelmann, Claus 
36-Apr-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessMaterial modeling of Ti–6Al–4V alloy processed by laser powder bed fusion for application in macro-scale process simulationArticleBartsch, Katharina  ; Herzog, Dirk ; Bossen, Bastian ; Emmelmann, Claus 
4Apr-2021Evolution of microscopic strains, stresses, and dislocation density during in-situ tensile loading of additively manufactured AlSi10Mg alloyArticleZhang, Xing xing ; Lutz, Andreas ; Andrä, Heiko ; Lahres, Michael ; Gan, Weimin ; Maawad, Emad ; Emmelmann, Claus 
522-Jan-2021Digitalization of directed energy deposition process through a multidirectional height monitoring sensor systemArticleJothi Prakash, Vishnuu ; Buhr, Malte ; Emmelmann, Claus 
6Oct-2020Feasibility study on piston-based feedstock fabrication with Ti-6Al-4V metal injection molding feedstockArticleWaalkes, Lennart ; Längerich, Jan ; Holbe, Felix ; Emmelmann, Claus 
715-Sep-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessFocus shift control of a novel 30 kW laser remote scanner for large-scale industrial sheet and plate metal applicationsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Cerwenka, Georg ; Paternina, Jully ; Elhefnawy, Mohamed ; Wollnack, Jörg ; Emmelmann, Claus 
821-Jul-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessSMART-Reactors : tailoring gas holdup distribution by additively manufactured lattice structuresArticleSpille, Claas ; Lyberis, Anastasios ; Maiwald, Maria Isabelle ; Herzog, Dirk ; Hoffmann, Marko ; Emmelmann, Claus ; Schlüter, Michael 
96-Mar-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessBiomimetic design and laser additive manufacturing - A perfect symbiosis?ArticleGralow, Melanie ; Weigand, Felix ; Herzog, Dirk ; Wischeropp, Tim Marten ; Emmelmann, Claus 
10Jun-2019A novel approach to avoid internal support structures in fluid flow optimization for additive manufacturingChapter/Article (Proceedings)Lange, Fritz ; Shinde, Anshuman S. ; Bartsch, Katharina  ; Emmelmann, Claus 
111-May-20193D/6D calibration and real-time focus shift compensation for automated 30 kW laser remote scannerArticleCerwenka, Georg ; Wollnack, Jörg ; Krähling, Thomas ; Jayaprakash, Rekha ; Emmelmann, Claus 
121-May-2019Novel approach to optimized support structures in laser beam melting by combining process simulation with topology optimizationArticleBartsch, Katharina  ; Lange, Fritz ; Gralow, Melanie ; Emmelmann, Claus 
13May-2019Selbstorganisiertes Lernen als Vorbereitung für das lebenslange Lernen im LehrberufChapter/Article (Proceedings)Daniel, Christian ; Bartsch, Katharina  ; Emmelmann, Claus 
14Apr-2019Laser Beam Melting of Large-Scale Ti-6Al-4V Parts - Increasing Productivity and Reducing Residual StressesPresentationHerzog, Dirk ; Bartsch, Katharina  ; Bossen, Bastian ; Schenk, Kerstin ; Emmelmann, Claus 
15Nov-2018Organization of post-processing processes in additive manufacturing structuresArticleRudolph, Jan-Peer ; Emmelmann, Claus 
162-Aug-2018Laser metal deposition of titanium parts with increased productivityChapter (Book)Jothi Prakash, Vishnuu ; Möller, Mauritz ; Weber, Julian ; Emmelmann, Claus 
171-Aug-2018In-depth characterization of the scanner-based selective laser deburring processArticleCerwenka, Georg ; Surrey, Philipp ; Möller, Mauritz ; Conrad, Christian ; Jothi Prakash, Vishnuu ; Heilemann, Markus ; Emmelmann, Claus 
181-Aug-2018Quality target-based control of geometrical accuracy and residual stresses in laser metal depositionArticleMöller, Mauritz ; Emmelmann, Claus 
191-Aug-2018Optimization of laser-remote-cutting of CFRP by means of variable exposure delay times - Simulation and validationArticleOberlander, Max ; Canisius, Marten ; Hergoss, Philipp ; Bartsch, Katharina  ; Herzog, Dirk ; Emmelmann, Claus 
20Jun-2018Automated process planning and production control for additive manufacturingArticleEmmelmann, Claus ; Rudolph, Jan-Peer ; Güntzer, Felix ; Zühlke, Sandra