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18-Jan-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessClimate impact mitigation potential of formation flightArticleMarks, Tobias ; Dahlmann, Katrin ; Grewe, Volker ; Gollnick, Volker ; Linke, Florian ; Matthes, Sigrun ; Stumpf, Eike ; Swaid, Majed ; Unterstrasser, Simon ; Yamashita, Hiroshi ; Zumegen, Clemens 
22021A study of Capacity Regulations to define European Air Traffic Management Network StatesArticleSanaei, Rasoul ; Lau, Alexander ; Gollnick, Volker 
3Sep-2020Urbane Luftmobilität - Perspektiven für die Metropolregion HamburgChapter/Article (Proceedings)Gollnick, Volker ; Swaid, Majed ; Niklaß, Malte ; Berling, Jan  
4Sep-2020A European Study to identify Key Operational Parameters for ATFM Routing DecisionsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Derra, Manuel ; Lau, Alexander ; Gollnick, Volker 
5Sep-2020Urban Air Mobility - Marktchancen aus der HelicopterperspektiveChapter/Article (Proceedings)Gollnick, Volker 
6Jun-2020Inverse aircraft design for market disruptionChapter/Article (Proceedings)Gibbs, Jonathan M. ; Gollnick, Volker 
7Jun-2020Fleet up-gauging when reducing flight frequencyChapter/Article (Proceedings)Presto, Felix ; Gollnick, Volker ; Lütjens, Klaus  
828-Apr-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessA Collaborative approach for an integrated modeling of urban air transportation systemsArticleNiklaß, Malte ; Dzikus, Niclas ; Swaid, Majed ; Berling, Jan  ; Lührs, Benjamin ; Lau, Alexander ; Terekhov, Ivan ; Gollnick, Volker 
9Feb-2020A Methodology and first results to assess the potential of urban air mobility conceptsArticleGollnick, Volker ; Niklaß, Malte ; Swaid, Majed ; Berling, Jan  ; Dzikus, Niclas 
102020Methodology and first Results for an Urban Air Mobility System in Hamburg.Chapter/Article (Proceedings)Gollnick, Volker 
111-Nov-2019Potential to reduce the climate impact of aviation by climate restricted airspacesArticleNiklaß, Malte ; Lührs, Benjamin ; Grewe, Volker ; Dahlmann, Katrin ; Luchkova, Tanja ; Linke, Florian ; Gollnick, Volker 
129-Sep-2018Implementation of eco-efficient procedures to mitigate the climate impact of non-CO₂ effectsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Niklaß, Malte ; Lührs, Benjamin ; Grewe, Volker ; Gollnick, Volker 
139-Sep-2018Identification of optimal rendezvous and separation areas for formation flight under consideration of windChapter/Article (Proceedings)Marks, Tobias ; Swaid, Majed ; Lührs, Benjamin ; Gollnick, Volker 
149-Sep-2018Quantification of formation flight benefits under consideration of uncertainties on fuel planningChapter/Article (Proceedings)Swaid, Majed ; Marks, Tobias ; Lührs, Benjamin ; Gollnick, Volker 
15Sep-2018A decision support model for the composite repair process in a collaborative platformArticleThyagarajan, Sowmya ; Gollnick, Volker 
16Aug-2018A hierarchical metamodeling approach for airline costsArticleBießlich, Peter ; Wegmann, Kai ; Lütjens, Klaus  ; Gollnick, Volker 
172018Cost-benefit assessment of climate and weather optimized trajectories for different North Atlantic weather patternsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Lührs, Benjamin ; Niklaß, Malte ; Frömming, Christine ; Grewe, Volker ; Gollnick, Volker 
182018A global gravity model for air passenger demand between city pairs and future interurban air mobility markets identificationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Becker, Kristin ; Terekhov, Ivan ; Niklaß, Malte ; Gollnick, Volker 
192018Fulltext availableOpen AccessProspects of the A380 second-hand marketChapter/Article (Proceedings)Presto, Felix ; Gollnick, Volker ; Lütjens, Klaus  
202017A novel decision support model for composite repair decision processChapter/Article (Proceedings)Thyagarajan, Sowmya ; Gollnick, Volker