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1Mar-2023Influence of particle size distribution on espresso extraction via packed bed compressionArticleVaca Guerra, Mauricio ; Harshe, Yogesh M. ; Fries, Lennart ; Rothberg, Hannah Sophia ; Palzer, Stefan ; Heinrich, Stefan 
219-Jan-2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessApplication of flowsheet simulation methodology to improve productivity and sustainability of porcelain tile manufacturingArticleLourenco Alves, Carine  ; Skorych, Vasyl ; Noni, Agenor de ; Hotza, Dachamir ; González, Sergio Yesid Gómez ; Heinrich, Stefan 
318-Jan-2023Fulltext availableOpen AccessFluidized bed spray coating for improved mechanical properties of particlesArticleOrth, Maike  ; Rotter, Sonja  ; Safdar, Wasif  ; Tasdemir, Süreyya ; Pietsch-Braune, Swantje  ; Heinrich, Stefan ; Düster, Alexander 
42023Data-driven multiscale modeling of self-assembly and hierarchical structural formation in biological macro-molecular systemsChapter (Book)Depta, Philipp Nicolas ; Dosta, Maksym ; Heinrich, Stefan 
531-Dec-2022Mixing evolution behavior of raw and gasified biomass pellets in a fluidized bed reactorArticleWang, Shen ; Song, Tao ; Jarolin, Kolja  ; Dymala, Timo  ; Dosta, Maksym ; Heinrich, Stefan ; Shen, Laihong 
622-Dec-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessInfluence of nozzle parameters on spray pattern and droplet characteristics for a two-fluid nozzleArticleKramm, Kathrin ; Orth, Maike  ; Teiwes, Arne ; Kammerhofer, Jana ; Meunier, Vincent ; Pietsch-Braune, Swantje  ; Heinrich, Stefan 
720-Dec-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessInfluence of process parameters and particle size distribution on mechanical properties of tabletsArticleAit Ouazzou, Amine ; Harshe, Yogesh M. ; Meunier, Vincent ; Finke, Jan H. ; Heinrich, Stefan 
812-Dec-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessExperiments on the dynamic behavior of the chemical looping combustion processArticleLindmüller, Lennard  ; Haus, Johannes ; Heinrich, Stefan 
929-Nov-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessMicroscale modeling of frozen particle fluid systems with bonded-particle model methodArticleTsz Tung, Chan ; Heinrich, Stefan ; Grabe, Jürgen ; Dosta, Maksym 
1024-Nov-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessHierarchical coarse-grained strategy for macromolecular self-assembly : application to hepatitis B virus-like particlesArticleDepta, Philipp Nicolas ; Dosta, Maksym ; Wenzel, Wolfgang ; Kozlowska, Mariana ; Heinrich, Stefan 
111-Nov-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessSelf-Assembly Videos for Hierarchical Coarse-Grained Strategy for Macromolecular Self-Assembly: Application to Hepatitis B Virus-Like-ParticlesAudiovisualDepta, Philipp Nicolas ; Dosta, Maksym ; Wenzel, Wolfgang ; Kozlowska, Mariana ; Heinrich, Stefan 
1220-Oct-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessUse of multiscale data-driven surrogate models for flowsheet simulation of an industrial zeolite production processArticleSkorych, Vasyl ; Buchholz, Moritz  ; Dosta, Maksym ; Baust, Helene Katharina ; Gleiß, Marco ; Haus, Johannes ; Weis, Dominik ; Hammerich, Simon ; Kiedorf, Gregor ; Asprion, Norbert ; Nirschl, Hermann ; Kleine Jäger, Frank ; Heinrich, Stefan 
1326-Sep-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessWorkshop GRK 2462 "Processes in Natural and Technical Particle-Fluid-Systems" (PintPFS) : 26th & 27th of September 2022, Hamburg, Germany : conference proceedingsConference ProceedingsMilatz, Marius  ; Shokri, Nima ; Hartmut, Gyde  ; Leemann, Andreas ; Rotter, Sonja  ; Wriggers, Peter ; Gäding, Johannes  ; Joly, Laurent ; Tsz Tung, Chan ; Antonyuk, Sergiy ; Hüsener, Nicole  ; Pereira, Jean-Michel ; Sanchez Calzado, Juan ; Gor, Gennady ; Orth, Maike  ; Luding, Stefan ; Jung-Robeller, Isabella ; García-González, Carlos A. ; Shokri-Kuehni, Salomé M. S. ; Schmidt-Döhl, Frank  ; Woitzik, Christian  ; Dosta, Maksym ; Tasdemir, Süreyya ; Gay Neto, Alfredo ; Düster, Alexander ; Hudobivnik, Blaž ; Fernandes Moherdaui, Tiago ; Tocci, Gabriele ; Meißner, Robert  ; Heinrich, Stefan ; Grabe, Jürgen ; Gallardo Domínguez, Laura ; Tetzner, Yannick ; Sadeghian, Pouyan ; Ivanova, Ella ; Khalizov, Alexei ; Alibabaei, Delaram ; Pietsch-Braune, Swantje  ; Gurikov, Pavel ; Smirnova, Irina  ; Huber, Patrick  
141-Sep-2022High volatile conversion in a chemical looping combustion system with three different biomassesArticleLindmüller, Lennard  ; Haus, Johannes ; Heinrich, Stefan 
15Aug-2022Investigation of the influence of wetting on the particle dynamics in a fluidized bed rotor granulator by MPT measurements and CFD-DEM simulationsArticleGrohn, Philipp ; Oesau, Tobias  ; Heinrich, Stefan ; Antonyuk, Sergiy 
16Jul-2022CFD-aided population balance modeling of a spray drying processArticleBuchholz, Moritz  ; Haus, Johannes ; Pietsch-Braune, Swantje  ; Kleine Jäger, Frank ; Heinrich, Stefan 
1730-Jun-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessProduct-property guided scale-up of a fluidized bed spray granulation process using the CFD-DEM methodArticleKieckhefen, Paul  ; Pietsch-Braune, Swantje  ; Heinrich, Stefan 
1822-Jun-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessMP-PIC simulation of biomass steam gasification using ilmenite as an oxygen carrierArticleDymala, Timo  ; Wang, Shen ; Jarolin, Kolja  ; Song, Tao ; Shen, Laihong ; Dosta, Maksym ; Heinrich, Stefan 
19Jun-2022Investigation of the influence of impact velocity and liquid bridge volume on the maximum liquid bridge lengthArticleGrohn, Philipp ; Oesau, Tobias  ; Heinrich, Stefan ; Antonyuk, Sergiy 
2015-Mar-2022Minimizing gas leakages in a system of coupled fluidized bed reactors for chemical looping combustionArticleLindmüller, Lennard  ; Haus, Johannes ; Ramesh Kumar Nair, Arun ; Heinrich, Stefan