Advised Theses

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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
12021Fulltext availableOpen AccessDissimilar titanium and titanium aluminide joints manufactured by laser beam welding and laser additive manufacturingThesisBurkhardt, Irmela 
2Aug-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessMicrostructure evolution and stress corrosion cracking behavior in short-term thermomechanically processed Al-Cu-Li alloysThesisEntringer, Jannik 
32019Fulltext availableOpen AccessOn the fatigue behaviour and modelling of fatigue life for laser-welded Ti-6Al-4VThesisFomin, Fedor 
42019Fulltext availableOpen AccessDamage tolerance of refill friction stir spot weld application for the aircraft industryThesisBrzostek, Robson Cristiano 
52018Fulltext availableOpen AccessKeyhole repair in precipitation hardening aluminum alloys using refill friction stir spot weldingThesisReimann, Martin 
62018Fulltext availableOpen AccessOn the optimization of laser shock peening induced residual stressesThesisChupakhin, Sergey 
72017Fulltext availableOpen AccessFriction surfacing of titanium grade 1 and Ti-6Al-4VThesisFitseva, Viktoria 
82017Fulltext availableOpen AccessLaser beam welding of high-alloyed aluminium-zinc alloysThesisEnz, Josephin 
92017Fulltext availableOpen AccessOptimized crenellation designs for fatigue life improvement of metallic airframe structuresThesisLu, Jin 
102016Fulltext availableOpen AccessSemi-stationary shoulder bobbin tool (S3BT): a new approach in high speed friction stir weldingThesisScupin, Peer-Jorge 
112016Fulltext availableOpen AccessCharacterization and modeling of the influence of the ageing treatment on the precipitation process and the mechanical behavior of the AlSi10Mg(Cu) aluminum alloyThesisLarráyoz Izcara, Xabier 
122015Fulltext availableOpen AccessPhase transformations and stress evolution during laser beam welding and post heat treatment of TiAl-alloysThesisLiu, Jie 
132014Fulltext availableOpen AccessTexture based formability enhancement of Mg AZ31 using high speed friction stir processingThesisHütsch, Leon Leander 
142013Fulltext availableOpen AccessFracture experiments of single grain boundaries in ductile metalsThesisKupka, Daniel 
152012Fulltext availableOpen AccessKnowledge based process development of bobbin tool friction stir weldingThesisHilgert, Jakob 
162012Fulltext availableOpen AccessLaser heating as approach to retard fatigue crack growth in aircraft aluminium structuresThesisSchnubel, Dirk 
172011Fulltext availableOpen AccessAnalysis of residual stress and fatigue crack propagation behaviour in laser welded aerospace Aluminium T-jointsThesisBayraktar, Funda Seniz