Advised Theses

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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
1Aug-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessElimination von Mikroschadstoffen im kommunalen Abwasser durch Nanofiltration in Kombination mit dem biologischen Schadstoffabbau in einem FestbettreaktorThesisBüning, Bastian  
25-Jan-2021Fulltext availableOpen AccessAgroecological engineering interventions in rice cultivation: food security and sustainable rural development in South AsiaThesisShah, Tavseef Mairaj  
32021Fulltext availableOpen AccessTreatment and substance recovery in landfill leachate permeates : an alternative sustainable approachThesisMelo Pineda, Jairo Dario  
4Sep-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessUtilization of alternative phosphorus resources by regenerative agriculture practice based on mycorrhizal fungi and biostimulants for restoration of Lake Chamo watershed, EthiopiaThesisWibbing, Jan Robert 
52020Fulltext availableOpen AccessDuckweed and Azolla as livestock feed for improving resource efficiency and nutritional qualityThesisHügel, Stefan 
62019Fulltext availableOpen AccessTowards sustainable development by new town planning : case study of Mazandaran Province of IranThesisZahedi, Ali 
72019Fulltext availableOpen AccessEffect of biochar amended soils on infiltration processesThesisVillagra-Mendoza, Karolina 
82018Fulltext availableOpen AccessHigh-rate nitrification of membrane-filtrated saline landfill leachate using fixed-bed biofilm reactorsThesisRamaswami, Sreenivasan  
92017Fulltext availableOpen AccessConditioning, starting and nitrification study in aerated fixed bed reactors for the treatment of sludge waterThesisMelo Pineda, Jairo Dario  
102016Fulltext availableOpen AccessMaterial flow analysis of the urban water system in Tepic Mexico: Integral evaluation and improvement optionsThesisEspinosa, Gabriela 
112016Fulltext availableOpen AccessAnalytical framework and management strategy for large-scale sustainable sanitationThesisSchlüter, Thoralf 
122014Fulltext availableOpen AccessSimulation und Modellierung des anaeroben Prozesses der Biogaserzeugung mit verschiedenen SubstratenThesisRojas Reina, Christian Jose 
132012Fulltext availableOpen AccessLow-tech sustainable sanitation options for Ghana and Ethiopia – economic, social and technical aspectsThesisDrewko, Aleksandra 
142011Fulltext availableOpen AccessAspects of systems for separate urine collection and treatment - selected techniques and potential implementation in an urban contextThesisTettenborn, Felix 
152010Fulltext availableOpen AccessDevelopment of a continuous single chamber vermicomposting toilet with urine diversion for on-site applicationThesisBuzie-Fru, Christopher Azaah 
162010Fulltext availableOpen AccessResource efficiency of urban sanitation systems : a comparative assessment using material and energy flow analysisThesisMeinzinger, Franziska 
172010Fulltext availableOpen AccessImplementation of earthworm-assisted constructed wetlands to treat wastewater and possibility of using alternative plants in constructed wetlandsThesisChiarawatchai, Nathasith 
182009Fulltext availableOpen AccessFurther treatment of digested blackwater for extraction of valuable componentsThesisAlp, Öznur 
192009Fulltext availableOpen AccessPharmaceutical Residues in Urine and Potential Risks related to Usage as Fertiliser in AgricultureThesisWinker, Martina 
202009Fulltext availableOpen AccessAnaerobic Digestion of Blackwater and Kitchen RefuseThesisWendland, Claudia