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Issue DateTitleTypeAuthor(s)
115-Nov-2022Entrywise lower and upper bounds for the Perron vectorArticleRump, Siegfried M.  
2Jul-2022Fulltext availableOpen AccessConvergence results for some piecewise linear solversArticleRadons, Manuel ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
3Jul-2021On norms of principal submatricesArticleBünger, Florian ; Lange, Marko ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
4Mar-2021Verified inclusions for a nearest matrix of specified rank deficiency via a generalization of Wedin’s sin (θ) theoremArticleLange, Marko ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
515-Jan-2021ForewordEditorialNakao, Mitsuhiro T. ; Ogita, Takeshi ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
62021When does ‖f(A)‖ = f(‖A‖) hold true?ArticleBünger, Florian ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
713-Nov-2020Rigorous lower bounds for the ground state energy of molecules by employing necessary N-representability conditionsArticleChaykin, Denis ; Jansson, Christian ; Keil, Frerich ; Lange, Marko ; Ohlhus, Kai Torben  ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
8Sep-2020Faithfully Rounded Floating-point ComputationsArticleLange, Marko ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
910-Jul-2020On recurrences converging to the wrong limit in finite precision and some new examplesReview (Article)Rump, Siegfried M.  
10Jun-2020Verified bounds for the determinant of real or complex point or interval matricesArticleRump, Siegfried M.  
111-May-2020Modified error bounds for approximate solutions of dense linear systemsArticleMinamihata, Atsushi ; Ogita, Takeshi ; Rump, Siegfried M.  ; Oishi, Shin’ichi 
122020Verified inclusion of a basis of the null spaceArticleKobayashi, R ; Lange, Marko ; Minamihata, Atsushi ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
132020Addendum to "on recurrences converging to the wrong limit in finite precision and some new examples"ArticleRump, Siegfried M.  
141-Dec-2019Complex Disk Products and Cartesian OvalsArticleBünger, Florian ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
15Oct-2019Lower Bounds for the Smallest Singular Value of Certain Toeplitz-like Triangular Matrices with Linearly Increasing Diagonal EntriesArticleBünger, Florian ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
16Jun-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessError Bounds for Computer ArithmeticsChapter/Article (Proceedings)Rump, Siegfried M.  
1715-Feb-2019Bounds for the determinant by Gershgorin circlesArticleRump, Siegfried M.  
182019Addendum to “Estimates of the determinant of a perturbed identity matrix” [Linear Algebra Appl. 558 (2018) 101–107]ArticleRump, Siegfried M.  ; Batra, Prashant  
192019The determinant of a complex matrix and Gershgorin circlesArticleBünger, Florian ; Rump, Siegfried M.  
202019Sharp estimates for perturbation errors in summationsArticleLange, Marko ; Rump, Siegfried M.