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126-Mar-2021A Novel p-Harmonic Descent Approach Applied to Fluid Dynamic Shape OptimizationPreprintMüller, Peter Marvin  ; Kühl, Niklas  ; Siebenborn, Martin ; Deckelnick, Klaus ; Hinze, Michael ; Rung, Thomas  
226-Jan-2021Adjoint-based shape optimization for the minimization of flow-induced hemolysis in biomedical applicationsPreprintBletsos, Georgios ; Kühl, Niklas  ; Rung, Thomas  
317-Dec-2020Adjoint Complement to the Universal Momentum Law of the WallPreprintKühl, Niklas  ; Müller, Peter Marvin  ; Rung, Thomas  
415-Nov-2020Continuous adjoint complement to the Blasius equationPreprintKühl, Niklas  ; Müller, Peter M.  ; Rung, Thomas  
56-Sep-2020Adjoint Complement to the Volume-of-Fluid Method for Immiscible FlowsPreprintKühl, Niklas  ; Kröger, Jörn ; Siebenborn, Martin ; Hinze, Michael ; Rung, Thomas  
615-May-2020Numerical simulation of nonlinear interactions in a naturally transitional flat plate boundary layerArticleBanari, Amir ; Gehrke, Martin  ; Janßen, Christian Friedrich  ; Rung, Thomas  
712-Feb-2020Cahn-Hilliard Navier-Stokes Simulations for Marine Free-Surface FlowsPreprintKühl, Niklas  ; Hinze, Michael ; Rung, Thomas  
81-Jan-2020An efficient algorithm for the calculation of sub-grid distances for higher-order LBM boundary conditions in a GPU simulation environmentArticleMierke, Dennis  ; Janßen, Christian Friedrich  ; Rung, Thomas  
92020Performance of Under-Resolved, Model-Free LBM Simulations in Turbulent Shear FlowsChapter (Book)Gehrke, Martin  ; Banari, Amir ; Rung, Thomas  
102020Hybrid RANS/LES Simulations of Aerodynamic Flows Around Superstructures of ShipsChapter (Book)Angerbauer, Rupert Michael  ; Rung, Thomas  
11Sep-2019An approximately consistent SPH simulation approach with variable particle resolution for engineering applicationsArticleLeonardi, Marzia ; Domínguez, José M. ; Rung, Thomas  
1213-May-2019Fulltext availableOpen AccessValidation of a GPU-accelerated LBM based numerical ice tank for a Voith Schneider propulsion systemPresentationGehrke, Martin  ; Mierke, Dennis  ; Rung, Thomas  ; Hauer, Philipp 
134-May-2019On the relation of added mass and added resistance due to wall interferenceArticleSchubert, Svenja ; Rung, Thomas  
141-May-2019Numerical analysis of the installation procedures of offshore structuresArticleLuo-Theilen, Xiaojing ; Rung, Thomas  
152019Numerical simulation of ship-ice interactionChapter/Article (Proceedings)Huisman, Michael  ; Erceg, Sandro ; Bock und Polach, Rüdiger Ulrich Franz von  ; Rung, Thomas  ; Ehlers, Sören 
162019Decoupling of control and force objective in adjoint-based fluid dynamic shape optimizationArticleKühl, Niklas  ; Müller, Peter Marvin  ; Stück, Arthur ; Hinze, Michael ; Rung, Thomas  
172-Jan-2018Adjoint volume-of-fluid approaches for the hydrodynamic optimisation of shipsArticleKröger, Jörn ; Kühl, Niklas  ; Rung, Thomas  
1825-Sep-2017Numerical prediction of ship-ice interaction-a project presentationChapter/Article (Proceedings)Hahn, Malte ; Dankowski, Hendrik ; Ehlers, Sören ; Erceg, Sandro ; Rung, Thomas  ; Huisman, Michael  ; Sjöblom, Henrik ; Leira, Bernt J. ; Chai, Wei 
1918-Jul-2017Computation of mechanically coupled bodies in a seawayArticleLuo-Theilen, Xiaojing ; Rung, Thomas  
2013-Jul-2017Scrutinizing lattice Boltzmann methods for direct numerical simulations of turbulent channel flowsArticleGehrke, Martin  ; Janßen, Christian Friedrich  ; Rung, Thomas