Advised Theses

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12023Adsorption von organischen Komponenten aus Fluidgemischen auf funktionalisierten mesoporösen Materialien : Experiment und SimulationThesisJung-Robeller, Isabella Gabriela 
22023Integration biokatalytischer Reaktionen in die extraktive Biokatalyse unter Einsatz wässriger mizellarer ZweiphasensystemeThesisFellechner, Oliver 
32023Fulltext availableOpen AccessDesign of a continuous autohydrolysis pretreatment process of annual lignocellulose for industrial applicationThesisConrad, Marc 
42022Fulltext availableOpen AccessMixed-matrix membranes for the separation of higher hydrocarbons from permanent gasThesisMushardt, Heike 
52022Fulltext availableOpen AccessStrategies and process development for particle formation from aquasolv lignin and innovative applications into consumer goodsThesisGil Chavez, Gilda 
62021Fulltext availableOpen AccessProzessoptimierung der überkritischen Trocknung von Proteinaerogelen und deren Anwendung im LebensmittelbereichThesisSelmer, Ilka  
7Aug-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessApplication and refinement of COSMO-RS-ES for calculating phase equilibria of electrolyte systems at high concentrations in mixed and non-aqueous solventsThesisMüller, Simon  
8Feb-2020Fulltext availableOpen AccessAeration control of solidifying lipid matricesThesisEhlermann, Linda 
92020Fulltext availableOpen AccessDevelopment of a surfactant-based in situ extraction from authentic feedstocksThesisRacheva, Ralena Rumenova 
102020Fulltext availableOpen AccessMolecular modeling of solute partitioning in micellar systemsThesisYordanova, Denitsa 
112019Modeling and scale-up of hydrothermal pretreatment in compressible lignocellulosic biomass fixed-beds with changing propertiesThesisReynolds, Wienke 
122019Evaluation of CO2 driven processes for the production of biopolymeric mesoporous networksThesisSubrahmanyam, Raman 
132019Electrolyte systems in separation processes4development of a COSMO-RS based model and experimental investigationThesisGerlach, Thomas 
142018Fulltext availableOpen AccessDevelopment of an in situ extraction process of fatty acids from microalgae culturesThesisGlembin, Philipp 
152018Kontinuierliche extraktive Biokatalyse in wässrigen tensidbasierten ZweiphasensystemenThesisRitter, Eric 
162018Fulltext availableOpen AccessProzessentwicklung zur Integration von enzymatisch-katalysierten Reaktionen in die ReaktivrektifikationThesisHeils, Rene 
172017Added-value for the 2nd generation biorefinery: isolation of lignin and its conversion into nanoporous materialsThesisZenker, Lilia 
182016Integrierte thermische und enzymatische Hydrolyse lignozellulosehaltiger Biomasse im Hochdruck-FestbettThesisKirsch, Christian 
192015Molecular modeling and experimental design of surfactant-based extraction processesThesisStorm, Sandra 
202014Application of silica-based porous materials in microreactors and chromatographic separationsThesisCumana, Sucre